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Best Flea Product Is Easy to Use

No one wants fleas. Veterinary partisitologist Dr. Michael Dryden of Kansas State University College of Veterinary Medicine did a comparison of two different flea products. Dryden reveals the result of his study on Steve Dale’s Pet World. Dryden talks about the way which consumers use the products. If people can’t properly apply the product, well, really – at least…

Ticks In the Cold? It's True. Tick Protection Should Be Year-Round

No one likes ticks – they’re gross…Dr. Suzanne Causey, a field services veterinarian at Merial stopped by Steve Dale’s Pet World to talk about protection our pets from these dangerous parasites. Listen HERE. Most pet owners (hopefully) think tick disease, and protection for our pets in Spring and Summer….but protection shouldn’t stop there, she says.…

Questions Answered: Catnip on a Plane; New Drug Can Help FIP Cats; Lyme is a Huge Threat

Q: We’ll be traveling to the Miami area by plane to see relatives for Thanksgiving. My daughters are both cat crazy, so we bought some really potent catnip at a local cat show and would like to take it to them. We’ve been storing it in the freezer. What happens when we go through airport…

WGN Radio Petcast: Preparing for Emergencies, Pet Insurance, Cat Genetics, Parrots and Ferrets

This WGN Radio Petcast wins the Gold Medal for being the most jam packed ever! (May take a moment to load): Tracy Reis, national director of Red Star Emergency Services at the American Humane Association talks about preparing for your pets’ survival in emergencies. Everything from carrier training for cats to the importance of microchipping.…

Summer Safety Tips from Chicago Veterinary Emergency and Specialty Center

This is optimistic – here are summer safety tips (which means summer is upon us!) from Chicago Veterinary Emergency and Specialty Center. Here a  few hightlighst: Asphalt: Minimize your pet’s time on asphalt. It heats up quickly, burns paws and causes overheating. Beaches, Boats & Pools: Not all dogs are good swimmers. When on or…

WGN Radio Petcast: ParasitePalooza – Fleas,Ticks, Heartworm

Click HERE to listen to this WGN Radio Petcast. (May take a moment to load) Due greatly to weather conditions, it’s thought this will be a banner year for fleas, ticks and mosquitoes that transmit heartworm disease. First up, fighting fleas with Dr. Dwight Bowman, veterinary parisitologisst at Cornell University College of Veterinary Medicine, and…

No Foolin' Fall Is Prime Flea Season

By Steve Dale Flea season is here! No, this is not a column that should have appeared in April or May. In fact, particularly in northern states, most critters carry more fleas in the fall than in the spring. As we move into autumn, there’s more potential for our pets to pick up these buggers…

Who Wants Fleas?

Did you know that equal or exceeding the spring as a ‘flea season’ is the fall? Your average squirrel or opossum carries as many or often more fleas in October as compared to April or May – and this is true everywhere in America. Of course, if you live in Northern climates, January isn’t an…

Companion Animal Parasite Council Road Trip at Wrigley Field

The Companion Animal Parasite Council (CAPC) super sized van parked across from the friendly confines on July 24. Experts answered pet owner/Cub fan questions about parasites. Some say Cub fans have long suffered from parasites. Follow the CAPC Road Show, Northern Exposure, here and on the CAPC website. Wherever they are, CAPC will hand out…

Parsasite Council Hits the Road, Stopping at Wrigley Field

The Companion Animal Parasite Council (CAPC)) is hitting the road to zap one parasite at a time; watch them come to your community to chase fleas down the street, tackle ticks and round up roundworms. The idea is to come to where pet owners are, to communicate parasite prevention to pet owners. CAPC members include…

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