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Protect Your Dog From Heartworm

Mosquitoes just need a bit of water for reproduction. Even in dry, desert-like climates, like Las Vegas, they’ve found ways to use human activity to help them reproduce in hotel fountains or suburban retention ponds (mosquitoes need to lay eggs in water, so even rivers, ponds, puddles, or bird feeders will suffice). The pesky critters…

Fleas Like Cats: Your Best Bet, Stop the Bite

Ready for more flea talk? Veterinary dermatologist Dr. Eva Schmidt chats HERE about the health hazards of fleas on cats on my national radio show, Steve Dale’s Pet World. We begin with cats allergic to flea bites. Sometimes, all it takes is a single bite to cause lots of discomfort, even infection. Schmidt says your…

Why Your Dog's Poop Is Important

It’s important to pick up after your dog for community health, and because it’s the neighborly thing to do. Also, every now and then your veterinarian will want a sample of what you pick up. Now, that isn’t because vets have an odd fascination with poop. Well, maybe it is, but here’s why. The stool could…

Itching Dogs: 'Tis the Season

If there’s a season for itching dogs, this may be it. Veterinary dermatologist Dr. Ursula Thomas explains on my national Steve Dale’s Pet World radio show that there are many reasons dogs scratch or lick. Those reasons can range from “I have a quick [benign] itch” to the discomfort of flea or mosquito bites to an allergic response…

Flea Fact and Flea Fiction

Fleas are far more than a benign and gross annoyance, and the internet is filled with an abundance of misinformation and myths. Here are a few facts and some fiction regarding fleas. Flea facts Fleas are insects. They have six legs and three body parts. Of the more than 2,200 known flea species and subspecies…

Truth About Ticks and Cats

Ticks are far more often groomed off by cats compared to dogs. But even the most fastidious cat can’t get them all, sometimes because of where the ticks hold on, such as on cats’ ears, or the ticks attach just long enough to spread illness. Listen HERE, as Dr. Lea Cohn professor of medicine at…

Lyme Disease Awareness Month

May is Lyme Disease Awareness Month, and, as I’ve written about and will continue to write about, experts predict more Lyme in people and dogs in 2017. But, there is good news for dogs:  There are more options for preventing and detecting Lyme (as well as other nasty tick diseases) for dogs than there are for people. In people, testing…

Heartworm Awareness: Double Defense

If there is a season for heartworm, it’s here. Dr. Michael Paul has an intimate relationship with mosquitoes, who are responsible for everything from Zika in people to heartworm in dogs. Listen HERE from my national Steve Dale’s Pet World as Dr. Paul offers a quick 101 course on mosquitoes. Here are some facts: Dogs typically get…

Stop Mice, You May Stop Lyme

Get ready for a record number of cases of Lyme disease this spring, summer, and fall. Gradually, this problem is getting some press. I’ve been writing about Lyme for years now, and even launched the Stop Lyme campaign last year. Veterinarians have known about the increasing instances of many tick diseases, including Lyme, for years. In…

Double Defense Multimodal Approach

Mosquitoes are about to get buzzing throughout the country as the weather warms. More than just pesky, mosquitoes can be deadly. Mosquitoes are the most dangerous creatures on the planet, responsible for 500,000 infections of malaria daily, not to mention the Zika virus, Chikungunya, Dengue Fever, West Nile Encephalitis, Yellow Fever, and others, some likely even unknown,…

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