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Keep Flies Away with Fashion

A report in the Journal of Experimental Biology is that a pattern of narrow stripes makes zebras “unattractive” to the flies. Dr. Susan Akkeson of Lund University and her team placed a blackboard, a whiteboard, and several boards with stripes of varying widths into one of the fields of a horse farm in rural Hungary. The striped board…

Tick Disease Prevention for Dogs

Why wait for a bite? Veterinary parasitologist and a founder and board member of the Companion Animal Parasite Council Dr. Byran Blagburn says that in his opinion it makes sense to use a topical tick preventative, products squeezed from a tube and placed on the back of a dog, with repellency properties. If the bug…

BlogPaws Live 2014

BlogPaws Conference 2014 is coming up, and I am excited and honored to again speak at this conference, which May 8 to 10 in Lake Las Vegas, NV. I’ll be talking about how to protect our pets (and to some degree ourselves) from ectoparasites (like ticks and fleas) and also how to keep mosquitoes off…

Fleas: Take Action, Don't Wait to Seize the Fleas

Flea protection is really important, as Dr. Ernie Ward explains. He says the thing is most people first treat for fleas only when they see them, which is not a good idea. Even indoor cats prone if you have a dog, if you have a person (fleas can even hitch a ride on our shoes)…

Lyme Disease, Education About Affects for People and Dogs Ongoing

Three people in the Northeast who abruptly died in the past 13 months had an undetected heart inflammation caused by Lyme disease, according to a federal study that suggests death from the deer tick-borne bacteria is more common than previously thought, according to the Boston Globe . While Lyme disease doesn’t exactly affect dogs the same…

Pet Health Meets Human Health: Zoobiquity Conference

NEW YORK CITY — It’s been called “one health” or comparative medicine, and now “zoobiquity” is the in-vogue term used to describe the intersection where human and animal medicine meet. Here’s an example: Lyme disease affects dogs and people, but inexplicably, Lyme doesn’t cause illness in cats. Studying the parallels of Lyme in dogs and…

Steve Dale's Pet World, Zoobiquity and Lyme Disease

Zoobquity or one health – how animal and human health come together was the topic of this week’s show with Dr. Richard Goldsten, chief medical officer Animal Medical Center in New York City. Listen HERE to our conversation on WGN Radio, Steve Dale’s Pet World about the 3rd Zoobiquity Conference , and specifically – as an example of…

Cytauxzoonosis: From Ticks to Cats

“Most people have never heard of it, and when they do it sounds like it’s something from a science fiction movie,” says Dr. Wes Gunter of West Plains, MO. He’s talking about an often deadly tick born illness in cats, called cytauxzoonosis. The disease is also known as bobcat fever because bobcats use ticks as…

New Tick Disease May Affect Dogs

Veterinary parasitologists suggests there are more ticks out there today than ever before. Where there are ticks, there’s tick disease in people and in pets (particularly dogs). So, it’s no surprise that there’s a new tick disease which affects people, which is similar to Lyme disease. This new disease has been found in 18 people in…

Ticks Are a Health Threat: We Can Protect Dogs Better Than People

Where there are ticks, there’s bound to be tick disease. According to veterinary parasitologist Dr. Michael Dryden, the tick population in America has exploded in recent years. Curiously, dogs enjoy more benefits than people when it comes to identifying tick disease, as well as protection to prevent disease transmission in the first place. For people,…

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