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Articles: Partners for Healthy Pets

January 14 2019

Preventive Pet Care, AVMA and PFI Resolutions

A press release from the Pet Food Institute and the American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA). I typically don’t print releases verbatim but for many years I’ve talked about and have written about the importance of preventive pet care. I am honored to be a small part of the AVMA Partners for Healthy Pets Initiative. IDEXX…

January 4 2018

3 Resolutions for Pets from AVMA President

Dr. Michael Topper, president of the American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA), offers three New Year’s resolutions for pet owners HERE on Steve Dale’s Pet World. Dr. Topper begins with helping pet owners understand that preventive illness is up because we’re not seeing veterinarians for regular check ups. Catching issues early leads to easier (and often less expensive) treatments.…

January 2 2018

8 Resolutions for Pets

Here are eight messages I resolve to attempt to communicate in 2018: Fear Free:  There’s an initiative, called Fear Free, which began among veterinary professionals with the intent to lower the fear, anxiety, and stress of veterinary visits. And, that fear, anxiety, and stress is real. Most cats and many dogs are so terrified of…

September 28 2016

Mosquito Eradication Killing Bees

In some places mosquitoes weren’t as bad as expected over the summer, in other places worse. Where there are mosquitoes, there may be Zika is some places in the south, but other diseases as well, such as West Nile Encephalitis. Earlier this month, mosquito eradication efforts in South Carolina, went horribly wrong, according to several…

March 25 2015

What Pet Owners Expect of Veterinarians

TAMPA, FLA. — What do pet owners want from their veterinarians? According to a 2014 survey, they disdain medical jargon they don’t understand, want tests results shared, and expect full transparency regarding their pets’ care. “In other words, pet owners want to be treated as partners,” said American Animal Hospital Association (AAHA) CEO Dr. Michael Cavanaugh…

August 20 2014

President of the American Veterinary Medical Association

American Veterinary Medical Association new President Dr. Ted Cohn talks about his goals as president on nationally syndicated Steve Dale’s Pet World, listen HERE. What Dr. Cohn says is astounded – about only half of our pets see a veterinarian in the course of a year. As a result of diminishing preventive care, there’s increasing illness.…

June 4 2014

Veterinary Medicine Always Changing: Here For Your Pets

American Veterinary Medical Association, celebrating 150 years of veterinary medicine, with Dr. Bernadine Cruz. Hear my conversation HERE with Dr. Cruz from my national Steve Dale’s Pet World radio show. She explains how pets are today a part of the family, and how the human/animal bond can be so intense. Dr. Cruz talks red flags…

May 14 2014

Pet Health Crisis

A coalition of organized veterinary medicine and pet industry representatives formed Partners for Healthy Pets in 2011 to increase the health of pets by simply encouraging regular checkups. According to this consumer advertising campaign, preventive care is as important to your pet’s well being as your love.Formation of the coalition came in response to a…

March 11 2014

Check Ups for Pets Can Save Lives

Check ups for pets are advantageous for real reasons…preventive care is exactly that, disease or illness can be detected early. With an early diagnosis, the prognosis may be improved, the pet may suffer less (if at all) and might actually save the family money. I don’t argue that preventive medical care is important for people,…

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