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Susan Russell Fired as Executive Director Chicago Animal Care & Control

There isn’t a City in America that wouldn’t be happy with a live release rate of dogs and cats of just over 90 percent at a municipal animal shelter. Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel fired Chicago Animal Care and Control (CACC) executive director Susan Russell Friday (June 29) after 2 years and 2 months on the…

Steve Dale Blog Post 5,000

This is it! You are reading Steve Dale blog post number 5,000. I began writing this blog in January, 2005. According to my math, I have averaged around 7.1 posts per week.  That’s a lot of content! When I began to blog, writing blogs was considered the wild west. If you wrote a blog, you…

Red, White and Blue, Adopt a Pittie For You

Dogs we call pit bulls (because they have a certain “look”) are today’s All-American dog, and there are a lot of them. Likely there are far more dogs we call pit bulls than the American Kennel Club most popular pure bred dog, the Labrador Retriever. For many reasons, there are lots of pitties in animal…

North Shore Animal League America Global Pet Adoptathon

Kathy Lynn of North Shore Animal League America chats HERE on Steve Dale’s Pet World, my national radio show, about the 26th Global Pet Adoptathon happening throughout May around America. North Animal League America maintains they’ve rescued one million animals to date. We also talk about a recent puppy mill rescue, mostly adults used for…

Not So Mad Max, Helping to Find this Dog a Home on WGN

He may bark with a Southern accent, as Max is from an animal shelter in Alabama and we hope to find a home for him Wednesday morning, 9:05AM CDT on WGN radio with Steve Cochran in our monthly dog adoption segment. So, why is he here? Well, Anti Cruelty Society saved his life. But who…

Animal Welfare League Makes Big Changes, Are More to Come?

The Animal Welfare League (AWL) of Chicago and Chicago Ridge is an integral part of the greater Chicago shelter community for many reasons, but most importantly because they are an open-intake facility. Knock on their door, and your are in. However, in recent years, the AWL lost their way, and now the Estrada family is…

Support the South Side South Suburban Humane Society

In Chicago animal shelters on the north side of the city and in the north suburbs arguably receive more attention than those on the south side, especially those in the south suburbs. The South Suburban Humane Society saves so many animals, and the work they do doesn’t receive fanfare. And South Suburban – and the…

It's All Happening at South Suburban Humane Society and Cat & Dog Film Fests

Emily Klehm of South Suburban Humane Society says shelters in Chicago need to work together more closely and on the top of everything else Animal Welfare League of Chicago “issues” place more pressure than ever on South Suburban. HEAR Emily explain more here on my Steve Dale’s Pet World, WGN Radio Show. Chicago Animal Care and…

Joe Camp Recalls How Benji Began and Talks About the Soul of a Horse

When Benji was first created in 1974, it was a tough sell. Joe Camp was a totally unknown commodity to Hollywood, and the idea of shelter dog starring in a major family film seemed “crazy.” Turns out, Camp’s family friendly idea was just right for the time, and Hollywood’s initial response proved to be very…

Panel Will Search for the Truth at Animal Welfare League

Animal Welfare League of Chicago Ridge and Chicago has been the subject of a social media firestorm. Animal activists as well as former employees and volunteers, former staff veterinarians, and even other shelter directors have alleged all sorts of issues. And, many of them suggest downright cruelty, unsanitary and unsafe conditions for people and animals,…

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