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April 2 2015

Your Questions Answered for 20 Years

After 20 years of writing this column and answering, on average, four reader questions weekly, that’s 4,160 answers! My fingers should be ‘dog-tired,’ but instead I’m invigorated because each month (sometimes each week) I receive letters and emails saying my answers motivated someone a visit to a veterinarian, or even saved a pet’s life. By…

January 28 2015

SPCA Puerto Vallarta, A Spa or a Shelter?

“The street dogs and cats in Mexico are the lucky ones; at least they can find food in the trash, and maybe beg from tourists,” says Janice Chatterton, founder/president of the SPCA Puerto Vallarta. “I wanted to find a way to help dogs kept tied up on rooftops where I’ve seen the ropes cut into…

September 25 2014

Steve Dale at Total Pet Expo: Stop Selling Dogs & Cats

I was the keynote speaker at the Backer’s Total Pet Expo Awards press luncheon on September 20. My topic:  ‘The Importance of the Human/Animal Bond in Pet Retail.’ Backer’s Total Pet Expo TV host Kristen Levine, from Kristen Levine Pet Living,, emceed the awards and gave me kind introduction. Here’s what i said. These weren’t…

September 24 2014

Katherine Heigl, David Backes: Pets Not Adopted Matter

“Let’s also remember the orphans who are euthanized,” says Mike Arms, CEO and president of the Helen Woodward Animal Center in Rancho Santa Fe, CA. Arms created the annual “Remember Me Thursday” (on Sept. 25 this week) as a day to light real or virtual candles in memory of the millions of animals euthanized in America…

July 6 2014

Pet Radio Show Covers Pitbull-type Dogs to Italian Ice Joint That's Also Like a Dog Park

Listen HERE, as I begin Steve Dale’s Pet World by talking with intrepid newsman Dave Schwanneee, and ask him if I look like a grandpa. We also reminisce about our days with radio legend and friend Fred Winston. Jeanne Kensik, owner of Extra Innings Wrigleyville Italian Ice – great Italian ice and also a dog…

May 24 2014

Amending Ban on Pet Store Sales of Dogs, Cats, Rabbits on WGN

Puppy mills are not a good thing. FACT. Many dogs sold at pet stores are from puppy mills, others are from commercial facilities that mass produce dogs. FACT Purchases made at pet stores are impulsive, and unlike a private breeder or animal shelter or rescue, – which wants to insure you are the right family…

May 2 2014

Bark in the Park, Officially Begins Summer in Chicago

Bark in the Park benefits the Anti Cruelty Society; you and your dog can officially celebrate the ‘right of summer ‘season on Saturday May 3 at 9 a.m. at Montrose Harbor in Lincoln Park with thousands of dogs.  It’s a great way to help celebrate the 20th Bark in the Park – 20 years of supporting Chicago’s…

March 11 2014

Why Does My Dog? Merrick Pet Foods Helps Decode Dogs

By Steve Dale Merrick Pet Foods conducted a contest via Facebook, asking readers to ask me  “Why does my dog…?” The first 20 responders received a copy of   “Decoding Your Dog: The Ultimate Experts Explain Common Dog Behaviors and Reveal How to Prevent or Change Unwanted Ones” (Houghton Mifflin Harcourt, New York, NY, 2014; $27)…

March 4 2014

NO to Puppy Mills: YES to Ordinance Banning Pet Store Sales Dogs, Cats, Rabbits

Dogs, cats or rabbits will not longer be sold at pet stores, as the Chicago City Council Committee on Licensing and Consumer Protection unanimously approved the The Companion Animal and Consumer Protection ordinance,March 4, introduced by Chicago City Clerk Susana Mendoza and forwarded by the non-profit Puppy Mill Project. Among those who testified FOR the proposed…

February 24 2014

Pet Stores Will No Longer Sell Dogs or Cats in Chicago

The proposed Chicago Ordinance, The Companion Animal and Consumer Protection ordinance, will prevent pet stores from selling dogs or cats in Chicago, was the topic of conversation between Bill Moller  and myself on WGN Radio; listen HERE. I describe why I think this proposal is a VERY good idea. Details in writing are here. To be clear,…

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