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February 11 2020

New Lend-a-Paw Program Provides a Financial Safety Net for Chicago Pet Owners

It’s not pet insurance, but if you happen to live in Chicago (or Cook County) this might work out even better. And certainly it’s an option to economic euthanasia. I speak HERE on my WGN Radio Steve Dale’s Pet World radio show to Chris McAuliffe, head of business development for Chicago Municipal Credit Union Lend-a-Paw…

January 24 2018

10 Most Popular Dog and Cat Names 2017

Here were 2017’s most popular and unique pet names, according to Pet Healthy Paws Insurance: Dog Names (Male) – Top 10: Cooper Charlie Max Oliver Milo Teddy Buddy Leo Rocky Tucker Dog Names (Female) – Top 10: Bella Luna Lucy Daisy Lola Stella Penny Bailey Sadie Sophie Cat Names (Male) – Top 10: Oliver Milo Leo…

November 28 2017

Guide to Low-Cost Veterinary Care

I argue veterinary medicine is the best medical care bargain in the U.S. But if you don’t have the money to pay for it, you don’t have the money to pay for it. Here’s what I mean: A pet with cancer might need surgery to remove a tumor, various medications, and a five-day hospital stay.…

October 13 2017

Trump: "Massive Subsidies to Their Pet Insurance Companies Has Stopped"

I think, in general, pet insurance is a good idea. I don’t know about ObamaCare imploding, but don’t believe punishing pet insurance companies is necessary. After all, what have dogs and cats done politically wrong? I guess this is because the Obama family has two dogs, who were perhaps lobbying behind-the-scenes? Who knew? So, C’mon Democrats…

President of the American Veterinary Medical Association

American Veterinary Medical Association new President Dr. Ted Cohn talks about his goals as president on nationally syndicated Steve Dale’s Pet World, listen HERE. What Dr. Cohn says is astounded – about only half of our pets see a veterinarian in the course of a year. As a result of diminishing preventive care, there’s increasing illness.…

Take Your Dog to Work

Going to work is good, taking your dog to work is better….according to Natasha Ashton, PetPlan Pet Insurance CEO. Listener HERE on Steve Dale’s Pet World as we rattle off the many benefits of having four legs and a wagging tail in the workplace. For starters, dogs are a great stress buster and a way to…

Sold on Pet Insurance, But Which Company? Reader Question

Q: I’m sold on pet insurance and am looking around for a company. Comparing policies is confusing, though. Any hints? — R.S., Ann Arbor, MI A: Dr. Jules Benson, vice president of veterinary services at Petplan Pet Insurance, has some general advice. “What are you seeking?” he asks. “No question, everyone with pet insurance should…

Trupanion Fire Drill at Work Place Where Dogs Go to Work

At Trupanion (a pet insurance company), there are over 60 dogs at their workplace. I know – I want to work there too! But it occurred to those folks, they don’t have en emergency plan, a fire drill, for example. So see how they prepared. Odds are you don’t have 60 dogs in your home – but…

Pet Spending Predictions for 2016

Interesting data here, according to “Pet Health Products & Services,” a Freedonia study. The study predicts pet ownership and pet spending in 2016: By 2016, pet spending will reach nearly $31 billion, as pet spending continues growth annually. Pet insurance is gaining significant ground – climbing 11% annually, reaching $680 million in 2016. At the retail level,…

Purring and Growling Back at Me: Reader Questions/Comments

I love your feedback – sometime you purr, other times you bark or growl…but keep those emails and letters coming ([email protected]). Here are some recent comments. “I was moved by your recent column, which you responded to a reader who had recently euthanized her pet and was feeling a great deal of guilt.  Your response…

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