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January 14 2021

How Can Animal Assisted Intervention Animals Go Back to Work?

Making Informed Decisions About Animal Assisted Interventions Re-Entry was a webinar hosted with myself, Gail Golab, PhD, DVM, MANZCVS, DACAW, Chief Veterinary Officer, Scientific Affairs and Public Policy at American Veterinary Medical Association and from Pet Partners, moderator Meghan Rothschild, and now available on YouTube. We discussed how to safely return animal assisted intervention (AAI)…

January 11 2021

Check it Out: 2 Free Pet Webinars in One Day

Details on two free webinars: We’re home, then we’re not and then we are and now we’re not. Is this confusing to some dogs? Darn straight it is. Also dogs rehomed several times are more susceptible to separation anxiety, and some studies indicate shelter/rescue dogs in general are more prone to separation anxiety. How can…
Worlds Largest Pet Walk

September 25 2018

World’s Largest Pet Walk: Pet Partners

Pet Partners has launched the World’s Largest Pet Walk. I talk on our national Steve Dale’s Pet World radio show about this event. Traci Pryor, director of strategic partnership explains what the World’s Largest Pet Walk is all about. Anyone (with a pet) can partake. Traci says that people that walk with their pets are…

June 7 2018

Heartfelt Connections Go Both Ways, Pets to People and People to Pets

“Heartfelt Connections: How Animals and People Help One Another” with Dr. Anne Beall on Steve Dale’s Pet World, WGN Radio. Listen HERE to Dr. Beall, as she discusses how animals and people help one another, beginning with a description of Rainbow Animal Assisted Therapy based in Chicago, and little and big miracles she witnessed in…

January 22 2018

National Walk Your Pet Month

Who decided to make January National Walk Your Pet Month (but they do mean dog)? No matter, actually walking dogs—rather than solely allowing them to wander in the yard—is a good thing, and for many reasons. First, leaving a dog in a yard in the freezing cold without warm shelter may be inhumane and unlawful.…

April 30 2017

National Therapy Animal Day

One of the most gratifying endeavors you can do is to participate in animal-assisted activities. You might change a life for a moment, or even forever. And with that, your life will also be forever changed. April 30 is National Therapy Animal Day. Pet Partners is a nonprofit that aims to improve human health and well-being…

November 14 2016

Pets Connect in a Heartfelt Way on WGN

I talk to newsman Schwanee HERE on WGN Radio about my blog post about how kindness begets kindness, which is something that working with pets has taught me. I wrote about, climate change, and point out that it is not a political issue, it’s just something that is happening. The idea of climate change being a…

February 22 2016

Pet Partners on WGN Radio

Pet Partners Chief Medical Officer Dr. David Williams talks about the power of the human/animal bond on Steve Dale’s Pet World, WGN Radio – give a LISTEN. Pet Partners is the leading organization in America that supports, certifies and registers people  for animal assisted activities. In all there are over 14,000 volunteers with over 1…

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