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Salt Lake City Bans Pet Store Sales of Dogs, Cats and Rabbits

The goal is to discourage puppy mills, and now Salt Lake County on Tuesday (October 6) became the first Utah municipality to pass an ordinance outlawing pet stores from selling dogs, cats or rabbits unless they come from animal shelters. However, adoptions from legit shelters and rescues at pet stores aren’t only allowed, they’re encouraged.…

Pet Food Shortage Venezuela

Venezuelan pet shops and stores are in short supply of pet foods, and also medicine, according to Reuters.  Shoppers already face long supermarket lines for staples like corn flour and toilet paper as the combination of falling oil prices and a decaying state-led economic model has left the OPEC nation with chronic product shortages. Local…

Federal Judge Upholds Another Pet Store Sales Ban

A Phoenix ordinance against puppy-mill sales at pet stores was just upheld in U.S. District Court Federal courts in Florida, Illinois and Rhode Island upheld similar ordinances earlier this year. Obviously, the courts agree that one viable way to get at the puppy mills is to limit the supply sold in pet stores. And the…

Urban Myth: Febreze and Pets

Q: Years ago, I heard that Febreze is dangerous to pets, but then didn’t hear anything else for some time, until a few weeks ago. I’ve been reading online to avoid using Febreze so I have. Tell me about Febreze and pets. B. C., Minneapolis, MN A: “You can safely use Febreze around pets,” says…

Pet Travel Tips

I offer pet travel tips on HouseSmarts TV. Here are the gadgets and items I mention: Kurgo Booster Seat >> Rough Rider Roadie Collar >> Petmate Pop-Up Pup Tent >> Kurgo Wander Pack >>  Adaptil  

Chicago Pet Store Ban Faces Federal Lawsuit

Pet store industry couldn’t take it anymore, as community after community has banned sales of dogs and cats (and in some places rabbits) at pet stores. The movement to support the bans began and continues as a grass roots effort because pet lovers have had it with the supply of these animals, which, of course,…

Custom and Very Fancy Pet Feeders

Q: I’m looking for a special dog feeder, and hoping you can help. I’m having our kitchen re-decorated and want a water dish that matches my decor. I did some Internet surfing but couldn’t find a thing. Any tips? — C.L., San Diego, CA A: Mike Heene, of Des Plaines, IL, had a similar redecorating…

Cats with Catnip Addiction Problem?

Q: I give my cats catnip every day. Can cats really become addicted to catnip? Mine certainly seem to be. — B.H., Chicago, IL A: Thus far, I’ve never heard of a cat visiting the Betty Ford Center to overcome catnip addiction. In fact, many cats offered catnip daily seem to build up a resistance…

Black Friday Gifts for Pets

More than ever before, that Christmas gift under the tree or Hanukah present might be for barking, purring or even squawking family members. Just over half all of all dogs, and nearly 40 percent of pet cats receive a holiday gift, according to American Pet Product’s Association 2013-2014 National Pet Owners Survey. Birds even get…

Steve Dale at Total Pet Expo: Stop Selling Dogs & Cats

I was the keynote speaker at the Backer’s Total Pet Expo Awards press luncheon on September 20. My topic:  ‘The Importance of the Human/Animal Bond in Pet Retail.’ Backer’s Total Pet Expo TV host Kristen Levine, from Kristen Levine Pet Living,, emceed the awards and gave me kind introduction. Here’s what i said. These weren’t…

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