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Super Glue or Super Stupid? Groomer Tries to Glue Back Dog's Ear

A Petco store in Hawaii is being sued after a distraught owner claims the Petco groomer cut her dog’s ear….and then attempted to glue it back on. Gladys Kapuwai and Estelle Green filed a lawsuit against the Petco in Kaneohe, Hawaii, claiming that their dog was injured by negligent groomers. Kapuwai claims that she took…

Breed Specfic Ban, FIV Cats, Where to Get a Pet: WGN-TV News

Steve Sanders makes life easy…He’s a longtime news anchor at WGN-TV, and I always enjoy talking with him on set. In this segment, from the 11AM news on December 30, we spoke about the case of the service dog that was removed because he’s presumed a Pit Bull in a town where Pits aren’t allowed;…

WGN Radio Steve Dale Petcast: Wild Benefit at Wild Wings Raising Money for Pets in Need; Miss Meowsky Gift Giving Tips; Sandy Robins Spells C-A-T

A HAPPY HOWLIDAY PETCAST! Click HERE to load (may take a moment or two) Ann Marie Schrage Glaviano of Pets ‘n Patients and Mary Anne Minnick of All Pets Wellness Foundation have teamed up to help one another, and help people with pets who are in need. Pets ‘n Patients is an organization which provides…

Real Pet Lovers Don't Purchase Pets at the Pet Store

I am a pet advocate – therefore I generally support pet stores. Of course, they’re great places to purchase toys, treats, food – even winter garments and stylish holiday sweaters. However, pet stores are not such a great place to purchase puppies or kittens.. . arguably the last place you want to get a puppy…

Banning Pet Sales in Irvine California

The City Council, Irvine, CA approved an ordinance, on October 11, 2011,  that bans the retail sale of dogs and cats…joining several other cities around the country. The Pet Industry Joint Advisory Council (PIJAC) in Washington, D.C., disapproved of the plan. PJAC maintains that research has demonstrated that pet store puppies are as healthy or…

Puppy Mill Project, "Go Away" to Pet Stores Selling Puppies

Guest blog by Andrea Kim To celebrate National Puppy Mill Awareness Day, there was a puppy mill protest on September 17 at Puppies R Us. The store allegedly sells puppies purchased from puppy mills and also reportedly breeds Pit Bulls.  Over 50 people came out to protest on Ashland Avenue. The refrain was, “Go humane…

Stolen Tortoise Didn't Get Far

Thanks to an anonymous tip, a tortoise that was stolen from a Lincolnwood pet store called The Animal Store has been returned safe and sound, if “a little freaked out.”Apparently, she’s a bit resistant about coming out of her shell. But by all accounts, once she calms down – she’ll be fine. Spur, a 70-pound…

Pet Owners In Denial On the High Cost of Ownership

The economy has directly hit millions of families across America, two-legged and four-legged members of the family. On November 26, 2010, the New York Times writes about pet owners who can’t afford routine medical fees and other costs such as boarding, grooming and food for pets.  The story asserts that problem is that the general…

Cool Pet Products

Here are some Cool Pet Products that I’ve been talking about on Steve Dale’s Pet World, one of my national radio shows. Visitors to the radio show’s website can see video on each of these: Wander Hammock: Whether you are on your way to Granny’s house for turkey, or returning home from the dog park…

Recent Pet Food Recalls Are Unfortunate, But No Reason To Panic

I am not suggesting the scare concerning the possibility of salmonella in cat foods shouldn’t concern or upset consumers. However, some of the email I’m receiving are more than a little over-the-top, though I understand your emotion (and feel it myself). First, take a breath and consider this: Salmonella recalls are not new. They’ve been…

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