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August 19 2013

Puppy Lemon Law Passes, Gov. Pat Quinn Signs at Dog Park (Where else?)

At least if people purchase a puppy with medical issues at a pet store, the retail store is now held accountable. It’s the so-called Illinois Puppy Lemon Law, which was made possible by Senator Dan Kotowski (D-Park Ridge, IL) and State Representative Michael Zalewski (D-Riverside). Il. Governor Pat Quinn signed the bill at Wiggley Field (a…

January 13 2013

Replying to Wacko Listener, and Talking Chicken Jerky Treat Recall

On this week’s appearance with Bill Moller on WGN Radio, I speak about the recall of chicken jerky treats made in China and I also get very angry at a ridiculous WGN listener: You can listen HERE. Hank called in and spoke about his own dog who died of renal failure as a result of…

October 22 2012

Dogs Still Dying of Chinese Made Jerky Treats, Enough is Enough

Dogs are dying of chicken jerky treats from China. . . and they don’t need to be dying just because they’ve eaten a dog treat.  For at least well over a year, something’s been going with these Chinese made treats. Reportedly upwards of 400 dogs dead, likely twice as many or far more sickened. While…

October 13 2012

Backer Trade Show: Hundreds of Pet Products on Dispay

Want to know what’s new in the world of pet products, from games for cats to jerky treats truly made in the USA. It’s all at the annual H.H. Annual Backer Christmas Show held at the Rosemont Convention Center, Rosemont, IL. I’ll be writing soon about highlights, some of may favorite new products…These  images are an…

June 30 2012

Radioactive Pet Bowls Sold at Chicago Petco Stores

Can you believe this? Stainless steel pet bowls contaminated with low levels of radioactive material might have been shipped to 11 Petco stores throughout Illinois. Two contaminated bowls were discovered on Friday (June 22)  by state inspectors at a Petco store at 2000 N. Clybourn Ave., Chicago, according to a release from the Illinois Emergency…

May 29 2012

Bret Michaels: Pets Rock Pet Toys

Bret Michaels is more than show biz survivor; he’s a survivor, period. “Rock ‘n roll is the reason for, and the ruin for all things in my life,” Michaels says. Like many rock ‘n roll survivors, he has overcome his share of demons. Today, Michaels thanks doctors, changes in his lifestyle, and a Siberian Husky…

February 16 2012

Super Glue or Super Stupid? Groomer Tries to Glue Back Dog's Ear

A Petco store in Hawaii is being sued after a distraught owner claims the Petco groomer cut her dog’s ear….and then attempted to glue it back on. Gladys Kapuwai and Estelle Green filed a lawsuit against the Petco in Kaneohe, Hawaii, claiming that their dog was injured by negligent groomers. Kapuwai claims that she took…

December 30 2011

Breed Specfic Ban, FIV Cats, Where to Get a Pet: WGN-TV News

Steve Sanders makes life easy…He’s a longtime news anchor at WGN-TV, and I always enjoy talking with him on set. In this segment, from the 11AM news on December 30, we spoke about the case of the service dog that was removed because he’s presumed a Pit Bull in a town where Pits aren’t allowed;…

December 2 2011

WGN Radio Steve Dale Petcast: Wild Benefit at Wild Wings Raising Money for Pets in Need; Miss Meowsky Gift Giving Tips; Sandy Robins Spells C-A-T

A HAPPY HOWLIDAY PETCAST! Click HERE to load (may take a moment or two) Ann Marie Schrage Glaviano of Pets ‘n Patients and Mary Anne Minnick of All Pets Wellness Foundation have teamed up to help one another, and help people with pets who are in need. Pets ‘n Patients is an organization which provides…

November 21 2011

Real Pet Lovers Don't Purchase Pets at the Pet Store

I am a pet advocate – therefore I generally support pet stores. Of course, they’re great places to purchase toys, treats, food – even winter garments and stylish holiday sweaters. However, pet stores are not such a great place to purchase puppies or kittens.. . arguably the last place you want to get a puppy…

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