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DuPage and Will Counties May Ban Sales of Dogs and Cats at Pet Stores: Politics Tonight

Illinois state legislature hopes to ban sales of dogs and cats at pet stores in Will and DuPage counties. I speak with Suzanne Hart, Will County Board Chairperson, with Paul Lisnek, host of Politics Tonight on CLTV. I have no issue with responsible breeders. I point out that the American Kennel Club (AKC) is out in…

AKC Supports Responsible Breeders or Puppy Mills? Which Is It?

More than 200 communities around the U.S. and Canada have banned sales of dogs and cats at pet stores. In fact, after more than 30 cities in California had passed limits on pet store sales, the entire state stepped up to stop sales of dogs and cats at pet stores in 2017. Most recently, Will and…

Public Officials Support No Dogs or Cats Sold at Pet Stores

In Illinois, Will and DuPage counties are proposing a law that no dogs or cats can be sold at pet stores. Suzanne Hart, Will County Board Legislative Chairwoman, and State Senator Michael Connelly (21st District) explain their strong support on my WGN Steve Dale’s Pet World radio show. This is not about having a problem…

PetSmart Charities Brightening Lives for Holidays

PetSmart and its loyal shoppers have succeeded in making the holidays a little brighter for millions of children, families, and pets across North America. The leading pet specialty retailer announced a record-breaking toy drive resulting in 2.3 million Chance, Lucky & Friends plush toys being collected and sales of its Holiday Philanthropic Collection, which gives…

Will and DuPage Counties, Illinois to Ban Sales of Dogs and Cats at Pet Stores

No responsible breeder EVER sells to pet stores. With that in mind, and that fact that over 200 communities in the U.S./Canada have banned sales of dogs and cats at pet stores; the entire county of Cook has a ban in place in Illlinois and so does the State of California, two Illinois Counties have…

AKC Complete Dog Book Contradictory, Still a Great Book

The American Kennel Club New Complete Dog Book, 22nd Edition is my sixth pet book of Christmas. This isn’t a book as much as it is a planet; it’s 919 pages and must weigh more than most toy dogs. More than 200 dog breeds are arranged by Group (as dogs are shown in dog shows): Sporting…

K9 Watch Dog Barks About Pet Winter Weather Safety

Your questions on winter weather and pets answered by your K9 Watch Dog (me): #1: Is it true that outdoor cats may hide under car engines? — Yes! It’s like a heating pad. Cats figure out that it’s a warm place that provides shelter, so they crawl up inside. “Knock three times on the car…

Setbacks for Bans on Selling Dogs/Cats at Pet Stores

The Las Vegas City Council voted in November to repeal a ban that would have prevented pet stores from selling dogs, cats, and potbellied pigs that didn’t come from a rescue organization or animal care facility. In a vote of four to three, the repeal from City Council and the Las Vegas mayor came with…

Joliet, Illinois, Has an Opportunity to Ban Pet Store Sales of Dogs and Cats

Dogs and cats sold at pet stores never come from responsible breeders, and that’s why pet store sales are being restricted around America and Canada. When educated regarding the facts, many public officials seek to do the right thing for dogs and cats who have no voice of their own. Joliet, Illinois, has had the…

Why Isn't Joliet Paying Attention to its Residents? Diminishing Halloween Anxiety for Pets

It’s International Cat Day, and I suggest that cats are the Rodney Dangerfield of pets on WGN Radio. Listen HERE to this Steve Dale’s Pet World. So, should you dress up your pet for Halloween? Should you go trick or treating with your pet? Well, maybe…but maybe not; it depends on the pet. Also, I offer…

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