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Pet Airline Safety with New York Senator, Beverly Hills Dog Show on WGN

On my WGN Radio Steve Dale’s Pet World radio show hear New York State Senator  Marisol Alcantara (D-Manhattan) is demanding justice for 10-month-old puppy Kokito and his family, who were forced by a United Airlines flight attendant to stow him in an overhead bin, through a criminal investigation of the airline and its flight attendant who…

Steve Dale Tips for Pet Air Travel

It’s one thing if your pet is small enough to fit into a carrier for airplane travel. Traveling in cargo is another matter all together, unless it is something you really need to do (for example, you’re moving from one side of the country to another). Watch here, as I talk here about plane travel.…

Misinformed Pet Segment

Garlic can be dangerous to dogs, and does NOTHING to prevent fleas. NOTHING! Back to all that in moment. I am often introduced as a pet expert. I don’t know – not sure what expert means. I know as well as anyone that doing live radio or TV (I’m sure I’ve logged as many hours…

Pet Travel Backpack

I travel a lot, and know many who travel far more than I do. Some travel to go to dog or cat shows, agility or other dog events nearly every weekend….even if it’s only the dog park. I found a backpack – from ECBC travel, it’s easy, sturdy and fiercely protective of your stuff. Of course,…

Pet Travel Tips

I offer pet travel tips on HouseSmarts TV. Here are the gadgets and items I mention: Kurgo Booster Seat >> Rough Rider Roadie Collar >> Petmate Pop-Up Pup Tent >> Kurgo Wander Pack >>  Adaptil  

Winn Feline Experts Pounce to Answer Cat Questions

Nearly everything modern veterinary medicine knows about cat health and welfare has been learned through studies funded by the non-profit Winn Feline Foundation. From the very food most cats eat to the vaccinations they receive to treatments for a wide range of health issues, Winn has been there to help cats. The foundation is now…

Dog Lover's Guide to Travel

According to one dictionary, the definition of vacation is, “An extended period of recreation with family and/or friends, often away from home.” Since the vast majority of pet owners consider pets members of the family, it’s no surprise that more and more family vacations include dogs and cats. A Summer Pet Travel survey indicated…

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