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January 28 2019

Keeping Pets Safe in Very Frigid Weather

How cold is too cold for a dog to be outside for more than a couple of minutes? Even the hardiest Huskies, Malamutes and Saint Bernards aren’t bred for below zero weather – that’s even with a coat on over the one they’re born with. Also consider that despite what some Internet sites maintain, dogs…

October 30 2017

Joliet, Illinois, Has an Opportunity to Ban Pet Store Sales of Dogs and Cats

Dogs and cats sold at pet stores never come from responsible breeders, and that’s why pet store sales are being restricted around America and Canada. When educated regarding the facts, many public officials seek to do the right thing for dogs and cats who have no voice of their own. Joliet, Illinois, has had the…

November 13 2013

Pet Health Meets Human Health: Zoobiquity Conference

NEW YORK CITY — It’s been called “one health” or comparative medicine, and now “zoobiquity” is the in-vogue term used to describe the intersection where human and animal medicine meet. Here’s an example: Lyme disease affects dogs and people, but inexplicably, Lyme doesn’t cause illness in cats. Studying the parallels of Lyme in dogs and…

September 6 2013

Animal Control Director with Steve Dale WGN, and Brilliant Dr. Dunbar

Steve Dale’s Pet World features the first radio interview with Sandra Alfred, executive director of Chicago’s Animal Care and Control at 1:05 p.m. CDT. There’s tons to talk about, as Sandra took over – frankly a mess – and now has CACC moving in the right direction.  Alfred is also the current President of  the…

April 18 2013

Dog Wants A Kitty

Can dogs and cats live together? Maybe some dogs want a kitty? Maybe some cats would like a pet dog (to cats, that’s how it goes – we are their ‘pet people,’ I believe).

March 21 2013

Steve Dale's Pet Radio Show Returns

I am back on WGN Radio with my own show. Listen here as I made the official announcement with Bill Leff. I never really left WGN, at least not for very long. A few years ago, the station made some changes, that’s no secret. I was one of them….I went to another radio station down the street…

February 16 2013

Dog Writer's Association of America Banquet

Dog Writer’s Association of America (DWAA) Annual Awards Dinner and Banquet is one of many swanky events just before or after the Westminster Dog Show in New York City, held at the Affinia Hotel. Well over a hundred people who write and broadcast about dogs, and are members of DWAA, give awards to the best…

December 23 2012

Pet Rescue, Chicago Veterinary Emergency Wins, Dramatic Howliday Reading w/Bill Moller

LISTEN HERE to two Dales for the price of one, Dale Nelson and me….with Bill Moller on WGN Radio, having a festive time. As a result of having surgery with a Bill Moller fan, Dale Nelson appears in this pet segment. She talks about her work with rescue and foster. More foster families are needed,…

November 23 2012

Bullstrips Dog Treat Recall

Carolina Prime Pet Inc., a manufacturer and distributor of dog treats, is voluntarily recalling the following product: Priority Total Pet Care All Natural Bullstrips in a 5-count package UPC: 0-21130-42080-3 Lot Code: 20082712 S 3195 and Lot Code: 20090312 S3195 The UPC can be located on the back label of each package. The lot Code is located…

June 1 2012

Reader Questions/Answers: Beer Drinking Dog; Chewing Dog; Cats Friendly or Not, Cat Pees in Sink

Q: Our dog, Molson, likes beer, especially the foam. I don’t see a thing wrong with that. He’ll sit in my lap and share a cold one. My wife thinks I’m sick. What do you think? — S.H., Cyberspace A: As a guy, I’m in your camp. We share beers with our best buddies, at…

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