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Not Again, Dog Attack in Elgin Might Lead to Another Effort to Ban Pit Bulls

I admit it, Elgin Councilman John Prigge – a proponent of the idea of a breed ban – said it was just a matter of time before there would be a Pit Bull attack in his Illinois town (just outside Chicago). He was right. Elgin Councilman John Prigge According to published reports concerning the Elgin…

Guest Blogger: Dr. Sheldon Rubin – Overweight Dogs, Saving Money on Heartworm Preventative

Guest Blogger: Dr. Sheldon Rubin By Dr. Sheldon Rubin Winter is gone and now is the time to get those added pounds off of your pet.  Did you know 40 to 50% of our pets are obese? Sounds like a parallel to us, if you ask me.  Of course, it would be, since obesity in…

Steve Dale's Pet World Honors Military Working Dogs, and Cats Too

Exciting Steve Dale’s Pet World Saturday (May 29), 2 PM CST, AM 890-WLS. When John Burnam, author of “A Solider’s Best Friend” joined us last week to talk about military heroes with four-legs, we were inundated by calls and text messages This week, Ron Aiello of U.S. War Dogs joins us to talk about military…

American Humane Behavior and Training Advisory Committee

I’ve supported and promoted the Animal Behavior Research Institute website since its inception several years back as the best place for professionals to go to for pet behavior information. The site is free and also open to the public. So anyone can sneak in and watch superstars in the world of animal behavior instruct their…

Why Are Puppy Mills Allowed to Operate?

If puppy mills dogs are living in horrific conditions, conditions which are not anywhere nearly United States Department of Agriculture legal standards – how can these places operate? Federal investigators have uncovered grisly conditions at puppy mills where dogs were infested with ticks, living with gaping wounds and in pools of feces, according to a…

Consumer Guidelines for Care of America's #1 Companion

CATegorical Care: An Onwers Guide to America’s #1 Companion is FREE to download. It’s 24 pages of information about how to adopt cats (June is Adopt-A-Cat Month), about cat care and health; how to get cats to the veterinarian, how you might observe your cat needs veterinary care, how to train cats, why identification for…

Dog Park 101

I love dog parks, and even helped to spearhead their official creation in Chicago (though Wiggly Field had already begun as a trial). In Chicago, these fenced off dog parks are within larger parks, so they are called Dog Friendly Areas (DFA’s). The Chicago Park District offers lots of information – including DFA rules and…

Cats in Times Square

Visit a Shelter – ADOPT-A-CAT! June is Adopt-a-Cat month! This blog post is the premiere of a video which will soon appear on the Jumbotron in Times Square. (Aside from watching, consider adopting, consider giving – just a text away)

Dog Attack and Bite Styles Based on Breed

It’s interesting that different breeds attack and bite differently….however, this demonstration is hardly conclusive with only one dog per breed used. So, while there’s nothing here to conclude, per se, it is noteworthy.

Be Afraid, Be Very Afraid: The Attack of the Killer Parasites!

According to a story in the Wall Street Journal, our pets – and potentially all of us – may be susceptible to a new laundry list of illnesses spread by parasites. Most of these parasites were previously solely associated with the developing world, but are now cropping up in the U.S. Some of the infections…

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