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The Apology Video: Lame Excuses for Giving Up Pets

Are these people really sorry? Here’s are excuses (and nothing more than excuses) for giving up dogs…What about cats? Actually, more people give up cats than dogs.*(Was asked to post this, and happy to do it)*  

Dr. Rubin on Steve Dale's Pet World Answers Your Questions

Dr. Sheldon Rubin – who is known for a distinguished career, and for training three of the most famous veterinarians (who can be seen is this technical video) – on Steve Dale’s Pet World, Saturday July 24, 2 pm CT – 890, AM WLS.

Rehab For Cats: Water Therapy Helps Cat

It seems there are drug stores, banks and rehabilitation places around every corner. Now, there are rehab facilities for pets! It’s a great thing, and there are several in the Chicago area and several in most major metro areas. Among their services, hydrotherapy (underwater therapy). Mostly, it’s dogs who benefit, but every one in a…

Two Cats, A Dog…A Love Affair

I HATE THE EXPRESSION, ‘THEY FIGHT LIKE CATS AND DOGS.’ Over a quarter of all pet owners – have at least one cat and one dog….and mostly those families don’t need Jimmy Carter to broker peace. You still don’t believe me, watch this. (thanks for the post idea Karen)

Navigating Pet Insurance

I am very much a proponent of pet insurance. Pet Insurance Saves Lives! Really….consider this, a 11-year old dog diagnosed with cancer. Treatment (surgery, chemotherapy, etc) $3,000. The veterinarian says prognosis is very good. But prognosis may be irrelevant if the family just doesn’t have the money. With pet insurance, the cost is shared (depending…

What Cats Really Think?

Finally found someone found a translator who can speak cat. 

The Friendly Skies Aren't Always So Friendly For Pets

Chicago Tribune reporter Jon Hilkevitch got it right, but many news reports on TV and radio, in particular, goofed. The reports indicated that according to the United States Department of Transportation flying with short-faced dogs or dogs with those pushed in noses places their lives at a greater risk, and advices against it. Well, that’s…

Camp Dogwood on Weekend Today Show

Jenna Wolfe of the Weekend Today Show visits our own Camp Dogwood….while the segment, is fun – it doesn’t exactly capture the feel of dog camp. Truly, it’s a chance to enhance the bond you have with your best friend (and meeting others who feel the same about their best friends) .  Visit for…

Gov. Pat Quinn Signs Dogfighting Law with a Bite

Dogfighting has been a felony in Illinois for some time, and it’s now a felony is all 50 states. Yet, somehow, when dog fights occur near day care centers, schools or playgrounds – the activity strikes me as even more horrifying. Cook County Sheriff Tom Dart at the dogfighting bust in Maywood in 2009. He…

New Dogfighting Measure Has Teeth!

Following Cook County Sheriff Tom Dart’s dogfighting bust at a day care center last fall, the Sheriff appeared on my WLS-AM radio show. Cook County Sheriff Tom Dart in Maywood last fall I suggested as horrific as dogfighting is – it’s even worse when kids are involved….and worse yet that this bust happened at a…

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