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August 10 2010

Hold Your Horses, It's Betty White! You Can See Her In Chicago and Hear Betty on my WLS Podcast

I love hosting the 890-AM WLS On Demand Radio shows….This On Demand show features two legends, both are proud to say they’re 88 1/2-years old, Betty White and Dr. R.K. Anderson.  Listen by clicking here Meet Betty White, and support animal therapy Let’s begin with Betty White. This animal advocate and longtime friend is coming…

August 9 2010

Cat Book Author Is Best Seller in Korea

Beth Adelman is a cat behavior consultant, and I frequently interview her for my newspaper columns. She is an excellent copy editor. She is a columnist for the New York Post. And she is an author. Her hit book, “Every Cat’s Survival Guide to Living with a Neurotic Owner” sold rather well here … that’s…

August 9 2010

Fungal Disease Killing Bats: This is Bad For You, Bad For Your Pets

North America’s most common bat, the little brown myotis, may be all but extinct in the northeastern United States in 16 years, due to a rapidly-spreading fungal infection, according to a story in Live Science. The fungus, called the white-nosed syndrome grows on the exposed skin of bats as they hibernate. Little brown myotis bat…

August 9 2010

Separation Anxiety in Cats

Separation anxiety (probably separation distress may be a better terminology) is well documented in dogs, but in cats? Giving cats with separation distress something to do in your absence is a good idea After all cats aren’t supposed to need us, how can they suffer stress by our departures. Well, despite being more independent than…

August 8 2010

Day at the Dog Beach

At MonDog Beach (Montrose Avenue dog beach), snapped some photos – here’s a dog beach gallery

August 6 2010

WLS-AM Sponsors Dog Day on the Green

Chicago City Clerk Miguel Del Valle created Dog Day on the Green, a city wide festival for dogs. The idea is for dogs and their people to have a good time, and also to enhance education with lots of information booths, demonstrations in obedience and agility, veterinarians will answer questions and there will be information…

August 5 2010

Captain Morgan Goes to the Dogs

It’s the national Captain Morgan dude who made an appearance at the Captain Morgan Club (at Wrigley Field, Addision and Sheffield) with Cub Randy Wells to benefit Lake Shore Animal Shelter. In fact, Wells and friends did something VERY special. Check it out in the gallery –

August 4 2010

Bring a Pup Or Pick One Up

Get this picture – adoptable dogs will be shuttled on a Chicago Trolly from Lakeshore Animal Shelter on Randolph at Halsted (Urban Outsitters) north to Wrigley Field’s Captain Morgan Club with arrival timed for around 5 p.m. at Sheffield and Addision on Thursday, August 5. Some of the pooches on the patio can be adopted…

August 4 2010

Animal Behavior Coffee House On the Web

ATLANTA, GA. — Decades ago, legendary veterinary behaviorist Dr. R.K. Anderson realized that preventing behavior problems keeps pets in homes. He’s been barking the same mantra for a very long time. Dr. R. K. Anderson “It’s all about behavior. When there are no behavior problems, there’s a stronger bond with the pet,” adds Anderson. In…

August 4 2010

Hail to the Chief Veterinarian

I now know what all the commotion was about in Atlanta at the AVMA Convention. Streets were closed, secret service was everywhere. I thought it was for this guy: But instead could it have been for this guy? On July 30,, Dr. Larry Kornegay was installed at the new President of the American Veterinary Medical…

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