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Summer Safety for Cats

           Where’s Sheriff Andy Taylor when you need him? In most places, if you phone the local sheriff or fire department to fetch a cat up a tree, you’ll only hear a bemused operator ask, ‘You’ve gotta be kidding?’ If you manage to convince emergency personnel to respond, you’ll likely be charged a fee.            …

Pets at Palisades

Spent a few days at Palisades, near South Haven….with pets – here they are

Baby, It's Hot Out There

Tips for keeping pets safe in the summer      Dogs (and cats) die in hot cars: Okay, even if it’s only 80 outside (which doesn’t sound so bad), in 15 minutes, even with windows cracked open, it hits over 115 inside a car (according to a Stanford University) study. Not being able to cool themselves…

Dog Breeds Made In America

Happy Independence Day! Here are 16 dog breed made in the U.S.A. These dog breeds truly are All-American.

Big Dogs to Small Dogs

Do you prefer large dogs or small ones? “Barbara Karant has written a book about that – pretty clearly, called “SMALL Dog, Big DOG.” Barbara, who is known for her Greyhound rescue work will be on Steve Dale’s Pet World, Saturday, 2 pm cst on 890-AM WLS, or Also, on the show, details about…

It's All About the Cat, Experts Speak Out

Celebrating Cats!! My latest WLS 890-AM On Demand show celebrates the cat – and by listening you can get a FREE copy of a cat welfare and care booklet call CATegorical Care. What’s the number one reason why cats die? No, not cancer, or kidney disease….it’s when cats begin to have accidents outside the litter…

Take Your Dog to Work Day

June 25 should have been a national holiday – it was Take Your Dog to Work Day! If you’re contemplating the idea, here’s what it can look like, for better or worse.

The Baby Learns How to Play Dog

What’s particularly interesting to me about this video is how the baby is actually learning from the dog. The dog is teaching baby to move arms, nearly like a canine play bow. And unless the baby responds a certain way, the dog doesn’t respond at all. Interesting. Thanks to Facebook Fan Page friend Catherin F.…

Two Animal Lovers – But Who is the Real Betty White?

I need your help here. . . Who is the real Betty White? Please comment. Please help me. Both these ladies say, “I LOVE PETS: I AM BETTY WHITE!” But how can they both be Betty? Betty White? Betty White?

American Humane Offers Animals at Second Chance a Second Chance

In the line of a wildfire in Flagstaff, AZ, Second Chance Animal Shelter was forced to move on Monday, to evacuate about 180 animals. A grant from the American Humane Association has made it possible to relocate the animals to safety, and to provide for their care.  Coconino Humane Association in Flagstaff was first evacuated…

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