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American Humane Announces Winners, Being Kind to Animals Kid Contest

When it comes to being kind to animals, the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree. Being Kind to Animal Week ended yesterday (May 8). And so the winners were named to the long-standing American Humane Being Kind to Animals Kid Contest. In her blog post Dr. Marie McCabe, vice president of human-animal interactions at…

Why Some Men Have Dogs And Not Wives

This was sent to me by radio legend Fred Winston, by way of Mary Palmer of Maltese Rescue. Here’s why some men have dogs and not wives:

Mutt Strut for Community Animal Rescue Effort in Evanston

The Strut for Strays for the Community Animal Rescue Effort, held May 8, in Evanston was the 15th annual. Lots and lots of those who walked were adopted from this shelter. Click here to see and sniff the highlights:

Sitting Down with Betty White

Betty White, hosting Saturday Night Live tonight (May 8), I’ve known Betty for many years because of her passion for animals, including pets of all kinds. Here’s my most recent print piece; I interviewed Betty White at the Western Veterinary Conference, where she was honored for her many decades at a Board member of the…

Strut for Strays for the Community Animal Rescue Effort in Evanston

Your dog(s) can help homeless dogs who happen to find themselves in the Evanston Shelter (Ladd Arboretum for the Community Animal Rescue Effort’s Strut for Strays). The Strut for Strays is Saturday, May, 8 at 9 a.m. Don’t worry if you’re not registered – you can do so on site. The walk starts at the…

Dr. Sheldon Rubin On Demand, WLS-AM

What a discussion: Flea and heartworm control, getting dogs’ coats in good shape and getting dogs into physical condition for the summer, even what to do if there’s a pet emergency. Here’s a one-hour On Demand conversation with Chicago’s own Dr. Sheldon Rubin. America doesn’t have James Herriot, but we do have Dr. Rubin. There’s…

A Call for Dog Groomers to Unite to Help Clean the Oil Spill in the Gulf

I am calling for the Chicago area dog groomers to come together – Dog Hair for the Gulf. Dog hair stuffed into used woman’s nylons helps to soak up oil. If the Chicago area dog groomers do this – I will happily support and promote this on my WLS radio show….Step up, bark up!. What…

Warning: Pets Are Being Stolen from Backyards

I don’t believe you’d call these criminals cat burglars. Seriously, dognapping from backyards seems to be on the rise in the Chicago area, and all over the country. Tragically, many of the small dogs that are swiped are being used as bait for training dogfighting dogs. Others are essentially being nabbed for ransom, waiting for…

National Pet Week

How are you celebrating The American Veterinary Medical Association’s National Pet Week? National Pet Week continues from today through May 8. For us…let’s see, we’ll take Ethel to the Puptown (a DFA or dog park); we’ll take 15-year old Lucy nowhere (she prefers it that way now); we’ll take our cat Roxy for a walk…

Do You Doubt That Dogs Have Emotions?

So, you dogs and cats have emotions like ours? For years, some argued NO. Of course, science can now prove without a doubt that dogs and cats do have the same neurotransmitters in our brains as we do. Do you remain a skeptic? If you are, watch this video. Then, tell me what you think.

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