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June 18 2010

Dining with Dogs, And Taking Off the Pounds: Steve Dale's Pet World on WLS

There are now many dog friendly restaurants in Chicago – places that welcome canine clientele. One of those restaurants has been in the news a lot lately….it so happens that Bobby Hull watched the Blackhawks win the Stanley Cup at Harry Caray’s Tavern, Navy Pier. Bobby Hull, just after watching the Hawks clinch the Cup…

June 17 2010

Just a Dog: There is No Such Thing

I’ll quote myself: “There ARE angels here on earth – we call them dogs”“Acquiring a dog may be the only opportunity a human ever has to choose a relative,” my friend, Mordecai Siegal. (thanks Chris Walkowicz for the post idea)

June 17 2010

Outdoor Patios for Cats, Catios

While I feel strongly against allowing cats to freely roam neighborhoods, encouraging cats to walk on a leash and harness or creating protective outdoor environments can be terrific. Cats can also ‘go for walks’ in super luxury kitty strollers. For many (not all) cats – such experiences are wonderfully enriching, and safe! The New York…

June 16 2010


Featured recently in the the RedEye, rats are actually nice starter pets. I often suggest rats before sometimes moody gerbils, Guenna Pigs, or solitary hamsters. Rats are actually more interactive, and arguably more intelligent. Here are 12 facts about pet rats – and a fact or two about not-so-pet rats.

June 16 2010

From Service Dog to Surfing Dog

This has been around the Internet….the story of a dog trained to be a service dog teaming up with a paraplegic teenager . . . One lesson here (among several) – dogs make their choices too. .

June 16 2010

The Wizard of Dogz

Your familiar with the story – well, maybe not told like this…click and you won’t be in Kansas anymore. 

June 14 2010

Tio the Chihuahua Sings to His Nana

You might need cotton in your ears for this one…but I will say our cat was enthralled. And one of our dogs was fascinated too. I wonder what the Chihuahua is really saying here? Play this, and pump up the volume with your pets in the room – let me know if there’s a response.

June 14 2010

Wine Tasting for Ginger

Ginger at an elegant wine tasting. Ginger happens to be a Golden Retriever doing an old Lucille Ball, Desi Arnaz bit (thanks for Facebook fan Ruth for the post) 

June 13 2010

Bone Vivant Brunch for Dr. Rubin

Lake Shore Animal Shelter, Chicago’s oldest no-kill shelter, honored Dr. Sheldon Rubin for 41 years of service to the community on June 13 at the Swissotel. The hotel was terrific to all who attended, whether they had two legs or four. If you missed out, here are some highlights. 

June 12 2010

Singer/Songwriter Mary Ann Kennedy and Cutting Edge Medicine Steve Dale's Pet World on WLS

It’s not every day that a Grammy Award winner appears on Steve Dale’s Pet Word at 890-AM WLS, 2 pm cst Saturday, June 12. Singer/Songwriter Mary Ann Kennedy talks about her new tune, “Who’s Saving Who.” Mary Ann Kennedy and Reba McIntyre Mary Ann Kennedy This song is amazing – check out some of the…

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