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April 22 2010

Celebrate Earth Day – Save a Snake

Good deeds are sometimes rewarded. Earlier in the year, Yu Feng of Liaoning Province in China found a dying black snake in the grass outside his home. He brought the snake indoors, received veterinary care and saved the snake’s life. In about 20 days, the snake recovered. a black snake Once the snake appeared to…

April 19 2010

Hamsters for a Greener Planet: Hamster Powered Electricity

National Hamster Appreciation Week meets Earth Day (Thursday, April 22). Hamster powered electricity. Why not? Here’s how it works:

April 19 2010

Selling Lemonade to Help Animals

Open a lemonade stand and help pets. Lemonade for Shelter Aid contest is now through May 10 is supported by the American Humane Association. The contest ends May 10, which happens to be the end date of Be Kind to Animals Week, which this year it’s May 2 through 10. The idea is pretty old…

April 18 2010

Hamster Coming Out Event, National Hamster Appreciation Week

And they’re off! Hamsters are off and rolling Saturday’s Hamster Derby, April 24, at all Petco stores across the country. On my WLS, AM 890, Radio show, Rich Williams, Petco’s VP Companion Animals offers this hint for success, it’s just like making to Carnegie Hall, “Practice, practice, practice.” Watching how others have done it might…

April 16 2010

He's Headin' South on Lake Shore Drive with a Pooper Scooper

You are NOT a Chicagoan if you don’t know where this is from: “There’s a road I’d like to tell you about, lives in my home town Lake Shore Drive the road is called and it’ll take you up or down From rags on up to riches fifteen minutes you can fly Pretty blue lights…

April 15 2010

Dogs Can Get the Flu Too, And It's Nothing to Sneeze At

It’s flu season for you – maybe – and potentially your dog, for sure. The Canine Influenza Virus (CIV) is now prevalent in New York City, and it could happen in the Chicago area too. In fact, CIV did have a sort of mini outbreak around Chicago a few years back. Dogs most susceptible to…

April 14 2010

How a Cat Says, "Oh My God!"

Actually this could be a flehman response -sort of moving fascinating scents into the vomeronasal organ, also called the Jacobson’s Organ. Getting every possible bit of ‘smell.’ Lots of animals do this. Often a grimace is associated, this isn’t typical. Or maybe the cat just read Kitty Kelly’s book about Oprah.

April 14 2010

Check This Out: Chicago Blackhawks Score for Shelter Adoptions

The Chicago Blackhawks recently produced a video starring Tommy Hawk and lots of adoptable pets. Please enjoy this video and share with those who may be interested in adopting a pet, or a hockey player.

April 11 2010

Family Day at the Shedd Aquarium

Took the family (mom, sister, brother-in-law, two nieces and wife)  to the John G. Shedd Aquarium, and spent several hours. Totally one of the premiere Aquariums in the country. Still, in case you haven’t been for awhile, check out this fishy gallery. Beware, I make no claims at being a fish expert, and sit at…

April 11 2010

Britain's Got Talent, and Also A Canine Fred Astaire

A non-human could win Britian’s Got Talent: Here is Gin a dancing dog…(post compliments of Facebook Fan Pat L.)

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