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December 28 2017

Best of Steve Dale's Other World on WGN

Check out some of the best of my podcasts from Steve Dale’s Other World on WGN Plus, heard 2 – 5 a.m. filling in for Nick Digilio, right HERE. I replayed excerpts of some of my favorite podcasts from 2017, including: * Behind-the-scenes stories from the Lincoln Park Zoo with former Director Dr. Lester Fisher,…

October 9 2017

Life for People and Pets in Puerto Rico Today (the Truth)

I begin this week’s Steve Dale’s Pet World, WGN Radio, remembering longtime friend of the show, Skip Haynes of Aliotta, Haynes and Jeremiah. I recall the difference Skip made for companion animals, and how he once flew back to Chicago to support an event called Dog Day on the Green. Much more on Skip and…

December 6 2016

Gary Dembs is a Poet, Now Your Know It

You never know who Steve will talk with or what topics he’ll talk about on Steve Dale’s Other World. Listen HERE for the WGNPlus conversation with the poet nobody knew (until now), Gary Dembs, author of “Thimble Flood.” This dude’s written nearly 3,000 poems. We talk the process of writing, poetry or any kind of…

October 16 2016

Barb's Precious Rescue and Mutt Strut on WGN

#ChicagoProud is what I begin talking about HERE on my Steve Dale’s Pet World  WGN radio show with our intrepid newsman Dave Schwan. It’s an initiative, which about all of Chicago’s Aldermen signed on to to accentuate positive that happens every day in our city . Hear a podcast detail more about #ChicagoProud. Old school…

June 27 2016

Governor Pat Quinn Takes Charge: Term Limits for the Mayor

“One day a peacock, the next day a feather duster,” says former Illinois Governor Pat Quinn about losing the Governor’s race, which ’till now he’s remained quiet about and out of the limelight.. Listen HERE to my Steve Dale’s Other World podcast with the former Guv. He’s leading a petition drive for two referendums. I…

May 3 2016

It's My Other World: Steve Dale Podcasts

Steve Dale’s Other World is a podcast that reveals what happens behind-the-scenes. This podcast isn’t usually related to pets – I’ve now hosted 14 of these. Subscribe at I-Tunes (just type in Steve Dale in the search engine, and then look for Steve Dale’s Other World podcast and click subscribe. These WGN-Plus podcasts, also found…

September 2 2013

Dog Training Talk with Laura Monaco Torelli with Steve Dale

Laura Monaco Torelli isn’t just another dog trainer, she is a faculty member of the Karen Pryor Academy for Animal Training & Behavior….Listen HERE to our wide ranging conversation on WGN Radio’s Steve Dale’s Pet World on the state of dog training dog, how marker-based training works, what types of equipment dog trainers or even…

August 31 2013

Dog and Cat Training and the Animal Control Big Night; Steve Dale's Pet World

Steve Dale’s Pet World at 1 p.m. CDT Saturday August 31, 720 AM or Listen HERE – begins with a conversation about Chicago Animal Care & Control Big Night benefit with Charlie Propsom, president, Kathy Booton Wilson, vice president of the Friends of Chicago Animal Care & Control. The benefit is September 26, 6:30 p.m. at…

October 1 2012

WGN Radio Petcast: A Special Salute to Hero Dogs

Listen HERE (may take a moment to load) to this special Petcast is devoted to the heroes among us with four legs, celebrated on the upcoming Hero Dog Awards. The event airs on the Hallmark Channel, following a gala Hollywood event, on November 8 (7 p.m. CDT). President and CEO of the American Humane Association,…

September 5 2012

With Bill Moller on WGN to Help Pet Lovers Find a Place to Live, and More

Oh no – you’re kidding? You missed it? Here’s one of my regular Saturday AM appearances with Bill Moller on WGN Radio – Listen HERE. – I talk about Pedigree’s (the pet food company) commitment to animal shelters. – How and why renters with pets help better their community or at least the ‘culture’ of…

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