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December 28 2017

Best of Steve Dale's Other World on WGN

Check out some of the best of my podcasts from Steve Dale’s Other World on WGN Plus, heard 2 – 5 a.m. filling in for Nick Digilio, right HERE. I replayed excerpts of some of my favorite podcasts from 2017, including: * Behind-the-scenes stories from the Lincoln Park Zoo with former Director Dr. Lester Fisher,…

December 27 2017

President Trump Calls Pet Owners 'Yokels'

President Donald Trump was reportedly “embarrassed” about Vice President Mike Pence deciding to bring his pets to Washington D. C., and deems the Pence family to be “yokels.” In a lengthy feature story about Vice President Pence, an advisor to President Trump told The Atlantic that the U.S. President informed his secretary he thought it was “low class”…

July 14 2017

Le Mesa May Become Ferret Friendly

European ferrets are a domestic species. That’s not my opinion; it’s a fact. And they’re not newly domesticated, either. The domestic ferret (Mustela putorius furo) is thought to be domesticated from the Western polecat (Mustela putorius putorius) or Eastern European polecat (Steppe polecat Mustela eversmanni) a couple of thousand year ago in Europe to help keep vermin away.…

November 11 2016

Bald Eagles Fall Into Drain

Is the universe attempting to send a message to America? Bald Eagles are America’s symbol of Freedom and Independence. In Orange County, FL, what likely happened is that one eagle battled with a second eagle in-flight for territory. Somehow one dived and get stuck in a storm drain. The victorious eagle didn’t appear trapped in…

November 10 2016

Pets Teach Empathy, And Empathy Trumps All Else

I believe I write about making our world a better place as dogs and cats give us a daily dose of unadulterated goodness. Pets also teach us empathy daily. Studies confirm that children growing up with pets are more empathetic adults. I agree with President Elect Trump on many issues, from keeping our military strong…

October 19 2016

Trump Kids are Killers

When I wrote about the Trump sons killing big game in Africa (and elsewhere), including endangered species – I’d like to share some of the in social media responses from that post, followed by my comments: “This is all a left wing media conspiracy to get at Trump – which you are a part of.”…

October 12 2016

Which Aldermen Are Pet Friendly?

The Chicago Rescue Roundtable is an informal contingent of rescue groups, shelters and animal advocates in Chicago that gather information to make our communities safer for companion animals. Their Vote Pet Friendly Chicago project is designed to inform voters on how their aldermen feel about companion animal welfare. The Aldermen were interviewed and ranked. This is interesting…

September 27 2016

Going Deep with Wayne Pacelle, HSUS

Typically radio interviews are maybe 10 minutes long more or less, and interrupted by commercials. In this Steve Dale’s Other World podcast interview with Wayne Pacelle, president/CEO of the Humane Society of the United States, I took to the time to ask challenging questions. I am very complimentary, and I mean what I say, but…

September 17 2016

Animal Care & Control Open House; Your Help is Needed

An open house at Chicago Animal Care & Control (CACC) included several aldermen and aldermanic representatives, as well as various partners, such as rescue groups and Safe Humane Chicago. These aldermen obviously cared enough to be there. I had the honor of introducing executive director Susan Russell. I spoke about how I’ve known about every…

June 27 2016

Governor Pat Quinn Takes Charge: Term Limits for the Mayor

“One day a peacock, the next day a feather duster,” says former Illinois Governor Pat Quinn about losing the Governor’s race, which ’till now he’s remained quiet about and out of the limelight.. Listen HERE to my Steve Dale’s Other World podcast with the former Guv. He’s leading a petition drive for two referendums. I…

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