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May 3 2016

It's My Other World: Steve Dale Podcasts

Steve Dale’s Other World is a podcast that reveals what happens behind-the-scenes. This podcast isn’t usually related to pets – I’ve now hosted 14 of these. Subscribe at I-Tunes (just type in Steve Dale in the search engine, and then look for Steve Dale’s Other World podcast and click subscribe. These WGN-Plus podcasts, also found…

January 25 2016

#Chicago Proud, WGN Plus with Chicago Aldermen

Listen to the news, and it seems Chicago is crumbling down – from the gratuitous violence to the Chicago Public School budget and union issues to all those police videos….What’s really going on? Listen HERE as I speak with three Aldermen: James Cappleman (46th ward), Pat Dowell (3rd Ward) and Ariel Reboyras (30thWard). We talk about what…

March 9 2015

Pet Store Owner Defends Lawsuit Against Ban on Pet Store Sales

Dogs and cats sold at pet stores aren’t from puppy mills, where are they from. The proposed ordinance, Chicago Companion Animal & Consumer Protection Ordinance., to limit pet store sales has been held up (for now) by the Federal lawsuit  I speak with CLTV Politics Tonight host Paul Lisnek about it. One of the complaints in the lawsuit…

February 7 2015

Bob Fioretti: Discusses Issues with Pet Owners

Alderman Bob Fioretti, clearly a pet lover, greeted dogs and the people attending the first ever city-wide discussion of companion animal issues. I was honored to moderate the event. Here’s an overview:  

February 3 2015

Bob Fioretti Meets Pet Owners To Talk Dog & Cat Issues

Pets are family – and Alderman Bob Fioretti (2nd Ward) understands that. He’s is about to prove it as no other candidate for Chicago Mayor has ever done. Fioretti is hosting a round table discussion on companion animal issues- the first ever of its kind, Saturday February 7, 9:30 AM 1043 W. Madison Ave., third floor.…

January 31 2015

Bob Fioretti Tours Chicago Dog Show

Bob Fioretti is out for the canine vote and visited International Kennel Club of Chicago Dog Show  – I mean that’s four votes per dog right? One for each paw? I had the honor of showing Alderman Fioretti, and Chicago Mayoral candidate from the 2nd ward around the dog show. I was impressed with the comments…

January 12 2015

Chicago Mayoral Candidate Alderman Bob Fioretti Talks Dogs

Chicago Alderman and Mayoral candidate Bob Fioretti offers his platform for pets on Steve Dale’s Pet World, WGN Radio. Listen HERE as the second ward Alderman begins by saying he is opposed breed specific legislation (BSL). He says he’s certainly supportive of any (sensible) ordinance which supports public safety, but he notes BSL is unfair…

January 10 2015

Mayoral Candidate Bob Fioretti on WGN Radio to Talk Politics and Dogs

Chicago Mayoral Candidate Bob Fioretti appears on Steve Dale’s Pet World, WGN Radio (720 AM or listen HERE) on Sunday morning (January 11), 6:35 AM CDT. I will talk with Alderman Fioretti about pet political topics: – How he feels about the Chicago Park District deciding they now won’t allow dogs in the new Maggie…

September 7 2013

Mayor Attacked

Here’s a brutal political story. It involves the tragic act of violence – and attack on Talkeenta, Alaska Mayor Stubbs. The Mayor, who is now a senior citizen, serving for 16 years, was brutally mauled. There’s a lesson here – never let an old Mayor out at night, and alone…. Mayor Stubbs rise to power…

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