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Debbie Martin talks with Steve Dale about Fear Free

November 29 2018

Superstar Technician/Nurse Debbie Martin on Fear Free

Debbie Martin is five stars. The nearly all perfect reviews are for veterinary nurse Debbie Martin and her husband veterinary behaviorist Dr. Ken Martin’s book “Puppy Start Right.” Overwhelming positive reviews is unprecedented, albeit appropriate for this book. Debbie is one of very few veterinary nurses (or technicians) board certified in behavior. I talk with…

November 8 2018

Speaking About Dogs and Cats Sold at Pet Stores in Vernon Hills

A chain pet store selling puppies was considering a move into the Chicago suburb of Vernon Hills but rebuffed (clearly the Trustees and the Mayor/President Roger Byrne have done their homework on this topic), and changed their course following push back. At least for now. A wave of cities across American and Canada and the…
Kelly Gorman Dunbar talks abut training puppies

August 24 2018

Dunbar Desires Positive Puppy Training

Kelly Gorman Dunbar, renowned trainer, talks with me about dog training philosophy. Increasingly, some trainers are supporting the practice of training your dog like a wolf. Gorman Dunbar wonders, what that even means. Secondly, most people have it wrong, as far as how wolf pups are trained anyway. Do you really need to dominate your…

June 18 2018

Lemon Laws for Pet Store Sales: That’s NOT the Solution: Say NO to Naperville’s Proposal

Remember this: No responsible breeder EVER EVER EVER sells to a pet store. Some communities suggest, “Can’t we just have a ‘lemon law’ to protect consumers?” Well here are problems with an idea, and at one time it seemed like the lemon laws were a viable compromise. I was wrong. ‘Lemon laws’ only encourage pet…

May 23 2018

North Shore Animal League America Global Pet Adoptathon

Kathy Lynn of North Shore Animal League America chats HERE on Steve Dale’s Pet World, my national radio show, about the 26th Global Pet Adoptathon happening throughout May around America. North Animal League America maintains they’ve rescued one million animals to date. We also talk about a recent puppy mill rescue, mostly adults used for…

May 10 2018

Support Puppy Mill Project, Jeans & Jewels and Advocating for Puppy Mill Dogs

Jeans & Jewels in the big benefit, fun and informal but no less important for he Puppy Mill Project Chicago on Friday, May 11 at the Kimpton Hotel Allegro, Chicago (171 W. Randolph St). Admission HERE, $135. Dogs sold at pet stores and places like flea markets, are nearly always from puppy mills. In addition,…

May 9 2018

Pet Store Sales of Dogs and Cats Banned in Kankakee

Kankakee, IL has been added to the nationally growing list of cities that prohibits dogs and cats sold at pet stores. What’s more, dogs and cats will no longer be allowed to be sold at flea markets or swap meets in Kankakee. No be clear no responsible breeder would EVER allow dogs or cats to…

April 24 2018

Maryland Bans Sales of Dogs and Cats at Pet Stores

Maryland is set to become the second state in the country, following California, to ban retail pet stores from selling dogs and cats. Gov. Larry Hogan (R) signed the legislation into law Tuesday, April 24, despite pushback from the owners of the state’s seven affected pet stores, and the American Kennel Club (AKC)  (with this alert and…

March 28 2018

Pet Airline Safety with New York Senator, Beverly Hills Dog Show on WGN

On my WGN Radio Steve Dale’s Pet World radio show hear New York State Senator  Marisol Alcantara (D-Manhattan) is demanding justice for 10-month-old puppy Kokito and his family, who were forced by a United Airlines flight attendant to stow him in an overhead bin, through a criminal investigation of the airline and its flight attendant who…

March 22 2018

National Puppy Day: Puppy Facts

National Puppy Day is March 23, and who doesn’t love that? I’m unsure how National Puppy Day started, but it appears that Animal Planet launched the idea. I won’t even link to their page, because oddly there’s a warning on their page that reads, No copying of any content allowed without permission. That doesn’t strike me as…

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