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Articles: Puppy Mill Project

Meeting A Puppy Mill Dog

It does matter where the dog, cat or rabbit is purchased. From a pet store, it’s assuredly a puppy mill dog or a dog from a commercial breeding facility. Purchasing online beware, even those who be appear to be responsible, may not be.In this segment for HouseSmarts TV, I explain further. September 27 is National…

National Puppy Mill Awareness Day, PARTICIPATE

On 9/27/15 tens of thousands of people will take time to remember the mill dogs as it is National Puppy Mill Awareness Day. The idea is to educate the public what can be done to shut down this horrible industry. Please check the list below and find an event in your area and add your…

Steve Dale with Bill and Wendy on What Dogs Can Do

Bill Leff and Wendy Snyder and myself talk about amazing things dogs can do on WGN Radio, Listen HERE. From a dog named Chaser who can identify hundreds of toys, to dogs that can identify cancers. We spoke about the Ron Santo Diabetic Alert Foundation, and how Ron Santo once called in on my show…

Cook County Commissioners Support Puppy Mill Awareness Day

Cook County Commissioners support big time (all except Joan Patricia Murphy) Puppy Mill Awareness Day, September 27. Check out events where you are from The National Puppy Mill Project. RESOLUTION SPONSORED BY: THE HONORABLE JOHN A. FRITCHEY, COUNTY COMMISSIONER, TONI PRECKWINKLE, PRESIDENT, LUIS ARROYO JR, RICHARD BOYKIN, JERRY BUTLER, JOHN P. DALEY, BRIDGET GAINER, JESUS G. GARCIA, GREGG…

Seeing Is Believing: A Puppy Mill Bust

When I write about puppy mills I do receive email from ignorant readers, listeners and viewers who tell me, ‘these places don’t exist.’ Or we can’t do anything about the mills because we don’t know what a puppy mill is. WATCH THIS PUPPY MILL BUST AND YOU WILL KNOW WHAT A PUPPY MILL IS! This…

National Puppy Mill Awareness Day

“Do not listen to blatant lies from pet stores selling puppies,” says Victoria Stilwell, former host of Animal Planet’s “It’s Me or the Dog,” and spokesperson for National Puppy Mill Awareness Day, which is Sept. 27. “Obviously people are unaware that pet stores, flea markets and many websites sell puppies from puppy mills, as no…

Puppy Mill Awareness Day

 Victoria Stilwell, from Animal Planet’s ‘It’s Me or the Dog’ is the spokesperson for National Puppy Mill Awareness Day, September 27. Hear Victoria from my WGN Radio show  Steve Dale’s Pet World. Listen HERE. It’s all about awareness – we talk about sad truths regarding puppy mills. Not only are all dogs (cats and sometimes rabbits) sold…

Victoria Stilwell and Steve Dale on National Puppy Mill Awareness Day.

National Puppy Mill Awareness Day is September 27 – and Victoria Stilwell,  from “It’s Me or the Dog” on Animal Planet is on WGN Radio with me to talk about it Sunday, September 13, 6:35AM CDT on Steve Dale’s Pet World.  Listen HERE or at 720AM. Victoria and I share the same view – we’re…

National Puppy Mill Awareness Day

Cari Meyers is the Founder and President of the Puppy Mill Project, and announces that September 27 is National Puppy Mill Awareness Day….Listen HERE on Steve Dale’s Pet World. Meyers explains what puppy millers really are? So, where are the dogs at pet stores really from? Cari describes what like is truly like for the…

Victoria Stilwell Speaks Up for Dogs

National Puppy Mill Project is honored to announce Victoria Stilwell as the coalition’s national spokesperson.  As an outspoken advocate against the puppy mill industry and a zealous proponent of responsible pet adoption, this alliance is a match made in doggy heaven! Most everyone knows Victoria for her skills as a dog trainer from her TV…

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