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Articles: Puppy Mill Project

February 26 2017

Pet Lovers of Illinois Aren't So Pet Loving

Dogs can identify various types of cancers, including ovarian cancer. Listen HERE, as I talk with Dave Schwaney on WGN radio on the work at Penn Vet, as they are so close to identifying the chemicals dogs are targeting, and in doing so a blood test to diagnose ovarian cancer isn’t far off. More on…

February 24 2017

Vancouver Seeks to Ban Pet Store Sales of Dogs and Cats

Vancouver, BC Canada may be the next town to ban the sale of animals in pet stores over concerns that a Burnaby pet store that sells puppies and kittens may open a location in the city. About 200 cities or so in the U.S., and others in Canada, including Toronto, have banned sales of dogs,…

February 23 2017

Illinois Legislators Can't WANT to Support Puppy Mills

Where do pet stores get animals they sell? Here’s where they don’t ever get their dogs and cats, as no legitimate breeder will ever sell to a pet store. That’s because responsible breeders ask whatever questions they desire about who’s buying their carefully bred animal. Pet stores only ask, “Will that be cash or charge?”…

February 18 2017

USDA Allows a Trickle of Reports, Just a Trickle

Recently, the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) overnight purged thousands of inspection reports from public visibility on their website. Instead, interested parties would need to file a freedom of information act request, which would take weeks, months or years to receive. New Jersey’s legislature, which passed a law last year to restrict sales of puppies…

February 17 2017

Illinois Coalition Supports Puppy Mills?

Who wants puppy mills? Apparently, albeit unknowingly, some Illinois legislators do. Pet stores that sell dogs and cats are selling animals from commercial breeders or puppy mills. Very effectively, a grass roots effort (assisted by Best Friends, and others) has created legislation town by town across America and Canada to prevent pet stores from selling…

February 13 2017

Trump Administration Removes Public Information on Animal Cruelty

The U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) has removed public access to tens of thousands of reports that document the numbers of animals kept by research labs, companies, zoos, circuses, and animal transporters—and whether those animals are being treated humanely under the Animal Welfare Act. Henceforth, those wanting access to the information, for example, about an alleged…

December 7 2016

Chicago Pet Project for Puppy Mill Project

The Chicago Pet Project is a coffee table book (I think about the size of some coffee tables) that celebrates and supports the work of the non-profit Puppy Mill Project. The book is a collection of portraits and letters from celebrities about their pets. You may have heard about Chicago and Cook County banning sales…

September 20 2016

Chicagoans: Help Support Puppy Mill Bill

In 2014 the Chicago Companion Animal and Consumer Protection law was passed one vote short unanimously, led by efforts of the non-profit Puppy Mill Project and led legislatively by animal-loving Chicago City Clerk Susana Mendoza. Despite efforts to derail the law in court, it still stands. However, the ordinance – ’till now – has not…

September 19 2016

Marching Against Puppy Mills

Several puppy mill marches were held across America, including from the Puppy Mill Project in Chicago. Talk about your high profile, folks with their best friends with four legs marched down Michigan Avenue, Chicago’s Magnificent Mile. For the fourth consecutive year, I had the honor of leading the march with Chicago City Clerk Susana Mendoza.…

September 11 2016

Ovarian Cancer Awareness and Dogs; Fresh Wave Zaps Cat Odor

Ovarian Cancer Symptom Awareness does amazing work, to inform women about the symptoms of this awful disease. Listen HERE on my WGN Radio show, Steve Dale’s Pet World, as I speak with Dr. Kristin Junkas before the non-profit’s annual dog walk and fun run to raise dollars for research.  Dogs actually are being trained to identify Ovarian…

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