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Articles: Puppy Mill Project

September 11 2016

Ovarian Cancer Awareness and Dogs; Fresh Wave Zaps Cat Odor

Ovarian Cancer Symptom Awareness does amazing work, to inform women about the symptoms of this awful disease. Listen HERE on my WGN Radio show, Steve Dale’s Pet World, as I speak with Dr. Kristin Junkas before the non-profit’s annual dog walk and fun run to raise dollars for research.  Dogs actually are being trained to identify Ovarian…

September 2 2016

Puppy Mill Dog to Star

Puppy Mill dogs suffer….and I mean they really do suffer. Those who make it out, are the lucky ones – dogs like Poppins. Tragically, she spent 9-years living in horrific conditions. But she was a lucky one….she survived, and now – and even better, she’s a star! Poppins got the part. Yes, old dogs can…

August 29 2016

Puppy Mill Rescue, ARC Saves Over 100

Imagine living your entire life without seeing the light of day. Or living in the same room as you toilet, except that it is never flushed. And never having dental care, or medical care of any kind. That is what life was like for well over 100 dogs and cats, and various other animals living…

August 19 2016

Puppy Mill Walk On Mag Mile

Why not march for puppies? After all, they march for everything else these days. Dog lives do matter – not poking fun, just saying if pets are members of the family (and over 90 percent say they are), how do we allow puppy mills to exist – and even thrive? Puppy Mill Awareness Day is…

August 17 2016

Progress Against Puppy Mills

I’m astounded, and saddened that puppy mills are allowed to still exist. A movement beginning with all of you – just plain folks, said ‘enough is enough,’ and have managed to date to add up to 203  jurisdictions in North America having passing bans or strong restrictions on retail sales of puppies, kittens and sometimes rabbits,…

May 23 2016

Illinois Governor Targets Cats

The state of Illinois is a mess. I am not being political – just honest. It’s made national news that the State has operated without a budget for nearly a year, schools have suffered, at some colleges enrollment is now down. In particular, non-profits serving at risk individuals with various needs, have been shut out.…

May 4 2016

Mothers in the Mills: Support for Puppy Mill Project

It’s astounding to think that in a nation that treats dogs and cats as members of the family, and shares their beds with pets can also purchase so many from puppy mills. Of course, often times, pet owners are unaware – purchasing these animals online or from pet stores (which is why pet store sales…

April 25 2016

Help the Puppy Mill Project to Help to Save Puppy Mill Dogs

Puppy Mill Project is the topic of the show with Renata Block, listen HERE as she explains there are at least 10,000 puppy mills in the U.S., and over two million puppies are bred in this horrid places annually. We talk about the mission of the Puppy Mill Project, and how pet stores that sell…

March 21 2016

Pet Store Issue Heats Up in Arizona

State legislators in Arizona voted on Thursday (March 17) to prevent cities from banning pet stores from from selling animals they get from commercial breeders or puppy mills. The 6-3 vote came after everyone who testified said they were opposed to the kind of “puppy mills” that mistreat animals. But proponents of SB 1248 argued…

February 17 2016

Puppy Mills: Let's At Least Try To Stop Them

Puppy mills certainly did exist 21 years ago when I authored my first national newspaper column, and also when I first hit the airwaves with a pet radio show shortly thereafter. I’ve changed my philosophy 180 degrees regarding how to address this national embarrassment. In retrospect, I was wrong. I wrote then, the solution to…

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