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January 15 2021

11 Cities Now Banning Sales of Dogs, Cats at Pet Stores in Alabama

The Madison City, AL is the latest city to ban the sales of dogs and cats at retail pet stores. The new ordinance requires that all dogs and cats sold in retail stores come from rescue organizations and shelters. It also requires that dogs and cats for sale must be at least eight weeks old. Madison…

December 30 2020

10 Resolutions for Pets for 2021

Here are my 10 resolutions for pets for 2021 Fear Free: The Fear Free initiative has grown from the little idea that was so brilliant – yet obvious – that it continues to spread across the planet. The notion began with a focus on veterinary professionals addressing emotional well-being, as well as physical health. Our…

December 15 2020

Vet School Students Speak Out to Support Limiting Pet Store Sales

No responsible breeder EVER sells to a pet store. So, if that’s the case where do pet stores get dogs or sometimes cats or even rabbits from? The answer is inarguable and increasingly understood by the public – mass producers, large scale breeding facilities. And most often, we’re talking puppy mills. Those who oppose legislation…

December 6 2020

Choosing the Right Kind of Pet and Where Do You Get That Pet From?

If there’s a time of year to talk about what type of pet to get, and where you get that pet from – this is it.  The kids say, “I want a pet for Christmas (or Hanukkah).” Listen HERE to Dr.Dana Varble, chief veterinary officer at the North American Veterinary Community offer advice on my…

December 5 2020

Chicago Animal Care and Control Slaps Violations on Pet Store

Chicago Alderman Ray Lopez (15th ward) says the Chicago pet stores that continue to sell dogs are doing nothing wrong, despite the ordinance which plainly states selling dogs, cats and rabbits at pet stores in Chicago is prohibited.  Three pet stores, including Pocket Puppies on North Clark Street, have been circumventing the ordinance since it…

December 4 2020

Limiting Pet Store Sales in Chicago on WGN Radio

Pet store sales is the topic I talk about HERE on WGN Radio with King John Williams.  Always, John challenges and shoots tough questions. However, who could ever support puppy mills? The answer is Alderman Ray Lopez (15th ward), as I explained in this post. In 2015 Chicago passed an ordinance to ban sales of…

November 30 2020

Chicago Alderman Is Supporting Puppy Mills

As recently as last year, Chicago Alderman Ray Lopez (15th ward) said that he embraced tightening of the city’s so-called anti-puppy mill ordinance. Instead, he is working sabotage the current fix of an ordinance. Who wouldn’t embrace a means to prevent puppy mills from selling animals in your community? Besides, Lopez repeatedly calls himself the…

November 23 2020

DuPage County Humane Laws; Human Animal Bond Association; National Dog Show on WGN Radio

On my WGN Radio Steve Dale’s Pet World show, it’s always nice to have a giddy guest. And Marc Ayers, Illinois Director of the Humane Society of the United States is just that. Listen HERE as he describes why he can hardly contain himself.  DuPage County has passed not one but two humane laws.  DuPage…

November 6 2020

San Antonio, TX and DuPage County, IL Ban on Sales of Dog and Cats at Pet Stores

There’s just no stopping the momentum, as San Antonio, TX now passed a ban on sales of dogs/cats at pet stores (going into effect January 1, 2021). The Council vote was 9 to 1. Of the 51 pet stores within  San Antonio city limits, only three sell dogs and cats. The closest Petland isn’t impacted…

October 11 2020

Fighting Pet Store Sales of Dogs, Cats and Rabbits in Chicago

Six years ago Mayor Rahm Emanuel, Chicago City Clerk Susana Mendoza, all aldermen except one (vote 49 to 1 was the vote) and most important the overwhelming majority of people who live in the City of Chicago agreed no dogs, cats or rabbits should be sold at pet stores. But three pet stores responded by…

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