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May 18 2018

Pet Stores Find Loophole in Ordinance Banning Sales of Dogs and Cats at Pet Stores

We can’t allow the puppy mills to win. Several months after the Chicago ordinance to ban the sales of dogs, cats and rabbits from pet stores (which passed in 2014) went into affect (in 2015), I heard what was happening at some pet retailers. They said they were getting their dogs from non-profit rescues. It…

March 27 2018

Never Buy Rabbits for Easter: 8 Rabbit Facts

Here’s why I am for the laws limiting the sales of rabbits at pet stores: They’re still sold at Easter and people still buy real bunnies at Easter. And, people still find out that they’re a commitment, just like a dog or a cat, so they quickly give up on their rabbit, relinquishing to a…

December 27 2017

President Trump Calls Pet Owners 'Yokels'

President Donald Trump was reportedly “embarrassed” about Vice President Mike Pence deciding to bring his pets to Washington D. C., and deems the Pence family to be “yokels.” In a lengthy feature story about Vice President Pence, an advisor to President Trump told The Atlantic that the U.S. President informed his secretary he thought it was “low class”…

October 14 2017

Blow to Puppy Mills: California Bans Pet Store Sales of Dogs, Cats, Rabbits

California has become the first state to ban the sales of dogs, cats, and rabbits at pet stores. Pet stores will be able to adopt dogs, cats, and rabbits from reputable shelters or rescues, however. Gov. Jerry Brown signed Assembly Bill 485 on Friday, October 13. The Pet Rescue and Adoption Act was authored by Assembly member Patrick…

June 30 2017

No More Sales of Dogs, Cats, Rabbits in Vancouver

Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, is the latest community to ban the sales of dog, cats, and rabbits at pet stores. Talk about a black eye on the U.S. City council member Heather Deal said when pets are sold in retail stores it can be difficult to assess the breeding conditions, especially if they come from Asia…

June 2 2017

California Set to Ban Dog and Cat Sales at Pet Stores

California prides itself as being a progressive state. And if a proposed statewide law banning the sale of dogs, cats, and rabbits in pet stores passes, the state will surely be considered even more progressive, as it will be the first to create such statewide restrictions on what pet stores are able to sell. Lawmakers…

April 26 2017

Giant Rabbit Dies on United Airlines Flight

Traveling with animals in cargo is not my favorite idea. Now, United Airlines is in more hot water as an apparently healthy rabbit died following a intercontinental flight. The rabbit breeder said she sends bunnies around the world without incident, but her luck has run out. She noted the rabbit was health checked before the flight.…

April 14 2017

Make Your Rabbit Chocolate this Easter

If you’re looking to get a bunny this Easter, please make it a chocolate bunny, not the real thing. There’s nothing wrong with pet rabbits; in fact, they’re quite popular companion animals. According to the most recent pet population data from the American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA), there are 6.2 million pet rabbits residing in…

February 12 2017

Pet Snakes, Lizards, Birds, Rats: All Unlikely Companions

Dr. Laurie Hess, author of “Unlikely Companions: The Adventures of an Exotic Animal Doctor (Or, What Friends Feathered, Furred and Scaled Have Taught Me About Life and Love)” and Deb Krohn, AKC “the frog lady” from the Chicago Herpetological Society talk with me HERE on Steve Dale’s Pet World, WGN Radio about loving pet birds,…

January 31 2017

Rogue All Purpose Rabbit Pellet Recall

Medford, Oregon – Grange Co-op is initiating a recall of Rogue All Purpose Rabbit Pellets in 25# (25RP) 50# (50RP), 1,500# Tote (RP) no lot codes – purchased between March 1, 2016 and January 12, 2017 in Southern Oregon / Northern California from any Grange Co-op Retail Store or Wholesale Dealer. The recall is being…

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