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Pets With Training Wheels, For First Time Pet Owners

Thinking about a pet for the New Year? Rookie pet owners — whether it’s a first-time pet for a child, or an adult who hasn’t had a pet in years — sometimes make the wrong choice. So, for a USA Weekend story, I consulted some pet experts. With the myriad of pet possibilities, there was…

St. Francis Day Pet Blessings

St. Luke’s Episcopal Church (9393 Hinman) in Evanston, will host its Sixth Annual St. Francis Day Blessing of Animals Sunday, October 3, 10 a.m. to 11:15 a.m. In keeping with traditions associated with the life of St. Francis and his love for all God’s creatures. Robin and I attending this St. Francis Day event twice…

WLS 890-AM Podcast with Bob and Betty Sanders, Choosing the Right Pet for You and Pets Affected by Oil Spill

All in one WLS 890-AM Steve Dale’s Pet World Podcast Bob and Betty Sanders Radio Comeback:I’ve been lucky enough to work with SO many greats, like Bob and Betty Sanders. They should be in the Museum of Broadcast Communications Hall of Fame. I love Bob and Betty, who doesn’t? This is the cover of their…

Murdering Stray Dogs

According to the news service reports I’ve seen, this week, at the last minute – Argentina has put off their plans to seek out and kill stray dogs. The primary concern is the spread of leptospirosis, particularly in and around the Southern city of Neuquen. The fate of countless stray dogs in Iraq earlier in…

OH RATS! Rats Are Everywhere!

Do you simply chalk this up to life in the big city? We were walking down the sidewalk in one direction the other night. Two thugs were headed right toward us, and looked as if they weren’t only not going to move out of the way – but also push us off the sidewalk. As…


Featured recently in the the RedEye, rats are actually nice starter pets. I often suggest rats before sometimes moody gerbils, Guenna Pigs, or solitary hamsters. Rats are actually more interactive, and arguably more intelligent. Here are 12 facts about pet rats – and a fact or two about not-so-pet rats.

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