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August 30 2011

Foster 2 Home: Dogs Got Talent

Foster 2 Home is a newer organization, based in the Chicago area, which pulls dogs from shelters all over – and places them into Foster homes. At many of these shelters, the dogs are on death row, to no fault of there own. While there isn’t the expense involved of running a brick and mortar…

July 20 2011

Unlikely Friendships: Animal Odd Couples

By Steve Dale If these guys can do it, so can Democrats and Republications…”Unlikely Friendships: 47 Remarkable Stories from the Animal Kingdom,” a new book by Jennifer Holland (Workman Publishing, New York, NY; $13.95), offers stories of improbable and mysterious friendships. Take the dwarf hamster and the rat snake. They first met at a Japanese…

July 13 2011

Ancient Tortoise Passes Away

The world is mourning the death of a tortoise. You can’t say Methuselah didn’t live a long and happy life. The Galapagos Tortoise was 130-years old. If he had been getting social tortoise security, it means he would have been receiving payments for 65 years. Payments for a tortoise might be raw carrots or watermelon.…

March 20 2011

Cosette's Debut at Second City

Cosette’s debut (and mine) on Second City Late Live with Joe Kwaczala. This is Chicago’s only live talk show, and it’s held on Saturday’s (mindnight) at Second City’s DeMaat Theatre. I must say it was fun appearing on a Second City stage. 

March 18 2011

Steve on Late Show Live with Joe Kwaczala

Who needs Letterman or Leno with you can be on the Late Show Live Live, with Joe Kwaczala March 19, at Second City’s de Maat Theatre  The show is at midnight. Here’s the announcer’s script, “Tonight, from Chicago, guests are pet expert Steve Dale, his skink Cosette with musical guest Bastardgeist.” Cosette and me –…

March 15 2011

Blogs Celebrating Petfinder's Anniversary, Pet Adoption

A litter of puppies dumped at in a box at Chicago Animal Care and Control. Happily this doesn’t happen often… Ethel and I met for the first time, and I didn’t need to be sold. Knowing that at the time my wife Robin and I were seeking a dog, we received a call around the…

February 8 2011

Steve on the Street: What Is Your Pet's Favorite Wintertime Activity

If you see me standing outside with a microphone, run! Asking ordinary folks, questions about their not so ordinary pets. All of part of what we do on Steve Dale’s Pet World. 

January 13 2011

Pets With Training Wheels, For First Time Pet Owners

Thinking about a pet for the New Year? Rookie pet owners — whether it’s a first-time pet for a child, or an adult who hasn’t had a pet in years — sometimes make the wrong choice. So, for a USA Weekend story, I consulted some pet experts. With the myriad of pet possibilities, there was…

January 9 2011

Gabby's Visit, the Pets Sure Remember

Strictly personal, but then there are some interesting lessons here. Our former neighbor Gabby – who is in second grade –  (and her mom) moved about two miles away a several months ago. We’ve visited them, but this is their first visit back to our house, and the first time our pets have seen Gabby…

October 10 2010

Turtle Agility

You don’t see this on Animal Planet, it’s Turtle Agility! Slow and steady…..

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