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September 13 2020

Steve Dale Remembers: National Pet Memorial Day

National Pet Memorial Day (this year is Sunday, September 13) is to help us to remember all pets who have crossed the Rainbow Bridge, particularly those who have served either in the military or as service or assistance dogs. National Pet Memorial Day is also about our own personal pets who have crossed to another place:…

March 17 2015

Enriching Environments for Cats

American cats are brain dead and fat. I think it’s best they are indoors, where for sure there’s no issue with coyotes chasing them or being hit by cars; they’re safer inside….However, life should be stimulating for any pet. And living only for food, often training people to be automatic food dispensers (when we become…

July 30 2012

Roxy the Cat Blogs may have a hundred bloggers, responsible between all of us for thousands of blogs….this one is a first! As I was working on a serious blog post about why consumers might actually boycott chicken jerky treats, our Devon Rex cat Roxy took over my keyboard – Roxy, added her own message which I cut…

July 10 2011

Taking A Cat for a Walk on the Wild Side

Robin and I stopped traffic. Around the corner from our house, we turned to see a tax driver pointing and laughing – though there was a green light he wasn’t moving. The car next to him, the same, all three passengers and the driver laughing Behind both those cars, several more cars, all with passengers…

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