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Pet expert Steve Dale on service dogs and PTSD

November 10 2018

Service Dogs for Veterans

Fighting for our nation, making all sorts of personal sacrifices for the good of country, you’d think our U.S. Veteran’s Administration would have their backs providing or at least supporting service dogs for veterans. According to the U.S. Veteran’s Administration (and other sources), there’s more Post Traumatic Stress Disorder Syndrome (PTSD) diagnosed today than ever…
Puppy Mill Awareness Day on WGN radio and Canine Companions for Independence with pet expert Steve Dale

September 17 2018

Puppy Mill Awareness and Canine Companions for Independence with WGN

Renata Block talks HERE on my WGN Radio Steve Dale’s Pet World show about Canine Companions for Independence (CCI) and National Puppy Mill Awareness Day (that was September 16), and the Puppy Mill Project  Awareness March on Michigan Avenue. The march happened, but you can watch a part of it here. Buying from a pet store means…
Purina Dog Chow helps raise money for veterans with PTSD

August 29 2018

Pets and Vets: You Can Help By Sharing a Video

Sara Bragg , director of the Pets and Vets program at the Animal Rescue Foundation (ARF), which was founded by baseball legend Tony LaRussa. Saving Both Ends of the Leash, the program launched in 2011 as a service to our U.S. military heroes. I talk about it on my national Steve Dale’s Pet World national…

June 25 2018

Delta Airlines Bans Pit Bulls as Support or Service Animals

When I first learned that Delta airlines is banning any dog identified as a pit bull, I truly thought this is “fake news.” It is that outrageous. However, it’s true, according to Delta’s own website.  Delta, which led the industry in March by updating its service and support animal policy, says it will further enhance its…

March 9 2018

Do Service Dogs Really Help Veterans with PTSD?

Do service dogs truly assist veterans who have returned from deployment with diagnosed post-traumatic stress disorder syndrome (PTSD)? While there have been anecdotal reports and various studies, published research is somewhat limited. For this reason (and likely others, including budget) the Veterans Administration (VA) withdrew support of service dogs for veterans with PTSD under President…

February 2 2018

No Peacocks on this Plane

A New York City-based performance artist, Ventiko, attempted to board a flight on January 28 from Newark Liberty International Airport to Los Angeles with an “emotional support” peacock. Ventiko had wanted to purchase a separate seat to take her celebrity bird on the cross-country flight, however United Airlines said the passenger had been told in…

January 20 2018

Delta Airlines Places Limits on Emotional Support or Comfort Animals

Because so many people are taking advantage of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) regarding service animals, the limiting of animals allowed on airplanes was bound to happen eventually. And now, Delta Airlines has become the first company to do just that. The law is a bit ambiguous because when the ADA was created, the terms…

November 11 2017

Celebrate Veterans and Their Service Dogs

Increasingly, America is understanding what a real hero is: It’s those men and women who put their lives on the line serving in the U.S military. But, let’s not forget about the U.S. military working dogs. For dogs and people, it’s not uncommon to return home damaged after war, and in the end, what they…

August 23 2017

Ron and Vicki Santo Diabetic Alert Dog Foundation

Ron and Vicki Santo Diabetic Alert Dog Foundation. On WGN Plus, listen HERE to this amazing conversation with Vicki explaining why she’s so cheerful these days. She’s actually saving lives, and certainly changing lives, of people (especially children) with diabetes. She continues pairing diabetic patients with diabetic alert dogs. This idea began for Vicki with…

July 10 2017

K9s For Warriors

On my national Steve Dale’s Pet World radio show, K9s for Warriors CEO Rory Diamond and I discuss how a service dog can change—even save—the life of a U.S. veteran. What’s more, K9s for Warriors model is to save dogs at animal shelters, which means they’re saving lives on both ends. Listen to the interview as Roy…

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