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May 29 2017

Pets for Vets

Saving human lives and saving animal lives all at the same time. That’s what Pets for Vets does, and it doesn’t get much better than that. Roger Rosenquist of the Chicago area chapter of Pets for Vets reminds us of what pets can do for our veterans. Hear my conversation with him on Steve Dale’s Pet World on…

January 30 2017

1Pet 1Vet: Saving Veterans

FACT: Post Traumatic Stress Disorder Syndrome (and also brain injury) is the most common disability of returning U.S. veterans. FACT: Having a service dogs  makes a difference for most, reducing their rate of suicide, reducing the rate of depression, reducing the dosage of pharmaceutical prescriptions needed and sometimes eliminating the need for any drugs, veterans…

January 8 2017

1 Pet 1 Vet: Changing Veterans' Lives

Service dogs can change a life, even save a veteran’s life. That’s a fact. Though oddly enough, our government does little to fund or even support the notion of service dogs for returning veterans with PTSD or traumatic brain injury. I don’t know enough about Ft. Lauderdale airport shooter Esteban Santiago, or his condition, to have…

Veterinary Technician's Destiny, Training Service Dog

“Rarely do we humans realize the feeling of purpose and destiny,” says veterinary technician Julie Shaw, of Lafayette, IN. “I think dogs feel this all the time; it’s one of the characteristics we humans envy of them without knowing it.” Shaw is known throughout her profession as a leader, helping to create a specialty in…

Dogs Know They Have A Purpose

Veterinary technicians and even boarded veterinary behaviorists have been inspired by Julie Shaw for years, as have I. Shaw’s passionate voice regarding positive reinforcement for handling animals in-clinics, and support of behavior as a specialty for technicians has changed the profession. Shaw, is a registered veterinary technician, was the senior animal behavior technologist at Purdue University for 13…

Highlights of Twenty Years of Pet Writing

Summing up twenty years isn’t easy, as I begin my third decade of writing my Tribune Content Agency newspaper column I have a wealth of memories to recall. I was the first journalist to speak with a search and rescue dog handler at the World Trade Center, within 48 hours after September 11, 2001.  Driving…

Muslims Object to Dogs

Dogs and humans have evolved together. This is fact. It’s not dog lovers who have come to this conclusion, but rather evolutionary archeologists. I am aware that buzz on the Internet is sometimes only that, lots of noise about nothing. But according to Gladstone Institute International Policy Council, in places, Muslims are now protesting dogs,…

Service Dogs Help Soldiers with PTSD

U.S. Veterans Administration estimates that 400,000 ex-soldiers are currently being treated for post traumatic stress disorder syndrome with the numbers climbing daily. It’s not a made-up dysfunction – the VA certainly admits PTSD exists. And those numbers don’t count thousands more with traumatic brain injuries. The rate of divorces, substance abuse and unemployment among veterans with PTSD…

Hero Dogs of September 11 Remembered

“Dog Heroes of September 11: A Tribute to America’s Search and Rescue Dogs” was released in 2006. Looking back and remembering, here’s  my rewind of this story: Chris Selfridge of Johnstown PA was outside working on his new home when his wife, who was 7-months pregnant at the time, called him inside to watch the…

First Diabetic Alert Dog Presented, Ron and Vicki Santo Foundation

Vicki founded the Ron and Vicki Santo Diabetic Alert Dog Foundation 2012, and it became an official non-profit 5013C this year. At this event at Goose Island  on September 3,  Vicki officially presented the Foundation’s first dog to 23-year old Logan. Logan, who has Down’s syndrome, doesn’t always have the ability to discern when his sugar levels are about…

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