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Articles: snakes

September 16 2015

Pet Reptiles, Where to Get Them

Reptiles can be great first pets, or just great pet reptiles – it’s not only about dogs and cats. However, just like dogs and cats, it’s important where you get the pet reptile from, according to Dr. Susan Brown. Some are shipped from overseas, and suffer as a result – more than you know. One…

November 22 2014

Snake Care 101 from HouseSmarts TV

Chicago Hepertological Society’s Bob Hilger offers a snake care 101 lesson, appearing on HouseSmarts TV, my PetSmarts segment. What’s wrong a with a snake in your Christmas stocking?

August 4 2014

Snake Bitten Pets

Various rattlesnake species are known to exist in southern California; the western diamondback is predominant. In California, over 800 people per year are bitten by rattlesnakes annually; similar data for animals is unknown but dogs and cats are nailed every year. While some information regarding snake bites in dogs is known, little is known about…

April 15 2014

Piloerections in Pets Described with Bill and Wendy Snyder

Bill Leff and Wendy Snyder have been kind enough to have me on their shows for many years, even pre-dating WGN Radio. For whatever reason, this appearance ranks among the most popular as far as listener response. You be the judge. I talk about the game show for cats which I appeared with Jackson Galaxy…

April 10 2014

Unusual Pets: Corn Snake, African Hedgehog, Northern Blue-Tongue Skink

Whoever said dogs and cats should have a monopoly on our affections and the chance to share our homes? For those who like to be different, here are three ideas for unconventional pets — all of which are also good choices for people with allergies. (Then again, so are fish!) CORN SNAKE If there’s a…

December 9 2013

Steve Dale's Pet World for the Howlidays

Steve Dale’s Pet World should never be missed….Listen HERE for this installment, as I answer a listener question about how to tactfully make her aware that her dog is shedding like crazy, and the nails are longer than the girl checking you out at the supermarket. I talk about my upcoming appearance  at Chicago Animal…

November 4 2013

Animals Make News at Airports

Can it really rain cats and dogs, at least it apparently can rain cats or at least kittens, if you are waiting for a flight at the Miami International Airport. Three kittens recently fell from the ceiling of Terminal J in Miami International Airport. The kittens were discovered after one traveler complained of odd noises in a…

September 20 2013

Snakes in a Garage

800 snakes in a garage. These snakes weren’t on a plane, but terrified neighbors in Shirley, NY were worried about snakes in the Long Island garage. Can you imagine? In truth, the snakes appeared to be in good shape. This isn’t the story of a hoarder – it’s the story of a seller. It turned…

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