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March 16 2018

Mexico's El Dorado Royale Resort Treats Cats Right

Trap-Neuter-Vaccinate-Return (TNVR) is the right thing to do. By “fixing” and vaccinating cats, humane population control occurs. The cats are fed and often looked after by caretakers. Attempting to adopt cats that are truly feral isn’t a fair proposition. Because they’re terrified in shelter settings, they are less adoptable and more susceptible to illness. Feral…

January 22 2018

Doing Trap-Neuter-Vaccinate-Return in Mexico; Spay/Neuter Rebate in Cook County

Cook County veterinarian Dr. Donna Alexander on WGN Radio says the county actually has something for us regarding spay/neuter. Listen HERE as we begin our wide-ranging conversation talking about Trap-Neuter-Vaccinate-Return (TNVR), and how a resort in Mexico’s Riviera Maya region, El Dorado Royale and El Dorado Royal Casitas (working with a local cat rescue), is doing it…

March 9 2017

When to 'Fix' Cats

It’s a very simple question – one which many veterinarians get asked every day. When do you spay or neuter a kitten? Listen HERE to my national Steve Dale’s Pet World Dr. Brian Holub, chief medical officer at VetCor, as he describes an initiative called “Fix by Five.” He says, “I’m passionate about a new…

January 23 2017

Chicago Dogs and More Susan Russell CACC

The good news is that many so many people do care about Chicago Animal Care & Control (CACC), and in increasing numbers. The bad news is that it’s easy to complain, particularly in social media, but it’s another thing to do something constructive about it. I speak HERE with Susan Russell, executive director of CACC…

October 13 2016

TNR Is Right: National Feral Cat Day

No one knows how many feral cats there are in America. Estimates range from about half as many as there are owned cats to one and a half times as many owned cats. There are 74 million owned cats in America. So, using any formula, that’s a lot of feral cats. October 16 is National…

September 27 2016

Going Deep with Wayne Pacelle, HSUS

Typically radio interviews are maybe 10 minutes long more or less, and interrupted by commercials. In this Steve Dale’s Other World podcast interview with Wayne Pacelle, president/CEO of the Humane Society of the United States, I took to the time to ask challenging questions. I am very complimentary, and I mean what I say, but…

April 16 2016

Better Plan For Feral Cats, What Is It?

TNR (trap neuter return) of feral cats may not be a perfect system, but it works. If there’s a better plan, let’s see it! John Kass, Chicago Tribune columnist, has been assailing outdoor cats, calling them “familiars of satan” (I’m not certain what that means, but it doesn’t sound kind) and suggesting they kill billions…

February 19 2016

Wear Whiskers to Save Lives

Pets that die in shelters, about 3 million. That’s about five lives lost each minute. We’re doing better as a nation, no questions…but I suggest these numbers aren’t acceptable. Lots of reasons for the problem, one remains spay/neuter. One goal of Marians Dream is to launch the United Spay Alliance, which already has spay referral…

June 1 2015

Chicago Cats Celebrate: Tree House Begins a New Era

Tree House Humane Society, the no kill cat shelter on Chicago’s north side, has a long history of being the first. And a new history is about to begin. For starters,  being no kill was a first for an all cat facility in Chicago; the idea of cats living in community environments inside the facility…

November 12 2014

Is It Too Early to Spay/Neuter My Kitten?

Q: I had my 18-year old cat recently put to sleep. In searching for another kitten, I find most breeders have their kittens neutered at four months before they are sold. Isn’t this too early. Are there any side-affects to early play neuter, such as fat cats? B. M., Hudson FL A: I am very…

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