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Articles: SPCA Puerto Vallarta

December 31 2017

SPCA Puerto Vallarta Miracle Story: A Love Story

“No kill” is one of those terms bandied about in the U.S. animal shelter community, and it’s sometimes controversial. But that’s not the case at the SPCA Puerto Vallarta. They just do it. Here’s what I mean: A dog named Carmen was hit by a car and left for dead at the side of the…

December 15 2017

SPCA Puerto Vallarta: Saving Lives Others May Not

Love knows no boundaries. That’s the premise at the SPCA Puerto Vallarta. Dogs that other shelters (even in America or Canada) may not rescue because their medical needs are so significant are rescued by SPCA Puerto Vallarta. Living at the SPCA Puerto Vallarta animal sanctuary isn’t so bad. There’s a veterinarian on staff, which is…

September 21 2017

SPCA Puerto Vallarta, WGN Plus

SPCA Puerto Vallarta dispels myths instantly about substandard animal shelter conditions in Mexico. In fact, this place is more than your run of the mill shelter – it’s a no-kill animal sanctuary. In this WGN Plus Podcast, Steve Dale’s Other World, I speak HERE with Janice Gonzalez of the SPCA Puerto Vallarta. Often times, they rescue…

December 31 2016

SPCA Puerto Vallarta, Saving One Dog at a Time

Living in San Francisco, Janice Chatterton enjoyed animals, but when her dog died after she’d already started going back and forth regularly to visit Puerto Vallarta, Mexico, and she decided it would simply be unfair to get another dog. Chatterton was never involved in animal welfare, or intended to be. In 2007, by which time…

December 5 2016

SPCA Puerto Vallarta: Only Seeing is Truly Believing

g is believing – the SPCA Puerto Vallarta is an amazing place….rather than have me write about it (and I have), seeing is believing. Please take just a couple of minutes to watch this video. Watch and you will understand why I support the SPCA Puerto Vallarta animal sanctuary. . . Warning – you may…

December 4 2016

Saving Animals in Mexico, Saving Cats from Heart Disease and Happy Pet Holidays

Love being on the radio with the incredibly entertaining Bill Leff and Wendy Snyder on WGN Radio. On this occasion, you can listen in (to the podcast), as I spoke first about the SPCA Puerto Vallarta, where I am on the advisory board. It is an amazing place – but they can’t do what they…

October 27 2016

Swimming in Puppies in Puerto Vallarta

Do you happen to be traveling to Puerto Vallarta anytime really soon, or know someone who may be….If not, maybe you can share this post online so it finds its way to someone headed to Puerto Vallarta. Here’s why – the amazing animal sanctuary, called SPCA Puerto Vallarta is being overrun with puppies. Cute: Yes.…

July 5 2016

Mexican Pet Revolution

There’s a revolution in Mexico when it comes to pet ownership, as noted by, results of an International Pet Food Forum held in June in Guadalajara, Jalisco, Mexico. Dogs and cats historically have been considered utilitarian – they served a purpose. Dogs guard property and cats catch vermin. For various reasons, including religion, spay/neuter…

May 12 2016

Steve Dale Named to SPCA Puerto Vallarta Advisory Board

I was introduced to the SPCA Puerto Vallarta in 2014, a place that saves not only lives of animals but also saves their souls. More than a shelter, this is a true sanctuary. With other Mexican facilities already providing homeless animals to locals, the SPCA Puerto Vallarta mostly adopts to people in Canada and the…

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