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February 15 2021

Zoo Legend Celebrates 100 Years: Hear Our Conversation

Dr. Lester Fisher, director of the Lincoln Park Zoo 1962 to 1992, celebrates his 100th birthday HERE on my Steve Dale’s Other World Show WGN Radio.  We begin with a clip from the great Ray Rayner, who regularly featured Dr. Fisher, often in a segment called “Ark in the Park.” I grew up watching these…

September 22 2019

DiNaso’s Traveling World of Reptiles on WGN Radio

A funny thing happened to me in Buffalo Grove while waiting for my sister. I met Dave DiNaso’s reticulated python; I was very impressed with his snake and told him so. And he recognized my voice. Next thing you know, Dave Ninaso of DiNaso’s Traveling World of Reptiles can be heard HERE on my Steve Dale’s…

August 19 2017

Animals' Responses to Toal Eclipse of the Sun

In case it’s news to you, there’s going to a be a solar eclipse on Monday, August 21. Of course, you have to be living in the wilderness somewhere to not know this. But, wild animals, even our pets, don’t receive either an advance warning or an explanation about the eclipse. Research on this topic…

July 28 2014

Brown Recluse Spiders More Abundant, Threat to People & Pets

The brown recluse is not a dude you want to meet in a dark alley. Due to the rainy late Spring and early Summer, and for reasons perhaps only they know, it seems there are lots and lots of them this year. Or that the reclusive spider has taken to a more outgoing personality. Generally,…

December 31 2013

Happy New Spider Year

Happy New Year – to all of your, your families, two legs, four legs….or even eight.

September 2 2011

Dogs and Ticks, Myth vs Fact – You Take the Test

Disease-carrying ticks pose health risks to dogs and people, no matter where they live.  The U.S. Centers for Disease Control (CDC) reports that tick disease occurs in every U.S. state, and it seems tick population and therefore tick disease is actually on the rise. Since signs of tick-borne diseases are difficult to recognize in both…

February 26 2011

American Humane Association Announces Pawscars

And now the envelope please. Here they are – the moment you’ve been waiting for, the American Humane Association announces winners of their annual Pawscar Awards.“No Animals Were Harmed”® certification from American Humane Association, the nation’s voice for the protection of children and animals. American Humane Association’s Certified Animal Safety Representatives™ monitor the treatment of…

December 6 2010

Nabbing Spiderman in a Nasty Web

U.S. Agents from the Fish and Wildlife Service and U.S. Postal Inspection agents have just concluded ‘Operation Spiderman’ by busting tarantula-smuggler Sven Koppler, according to Notitas de Noticias.  Red-Kneed Tarantulas aren’t especially dangerous as pets. The biggest fear is the tarantula’s, that the spider will be dropped. Falling can be deadly. Tarantula’s bites don’t do…

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