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Memorial Day at Camp Dogwood

I love Camp Dogwood, and am honored to speak there – there are a wide variety of activities (different strokes for different canines), everything from obedience instruction to participating (and getting tips from experts) on Frisbee disc, lure coursing and agility….there are even crafty things to do, beach games and conversations with a myriad of…

Cat Scratch Bieber

Do cats not like Justin Bieber? In my ebook Good Cat! I answer many behavior questions….lots having to do with litter boxes or scratching in all the wrong places – kind of what you might expect. But there are several rather unexpected questions, including this one – and corresponding answer. Q: Whenever certain people are…

Rockin' Good Time for Rescue for Trio Animal Foundation

The Trio Animal Foundation Rockin’ for Rescue Benefit was held May 19 at the Double Door. Over 400 people showed up to rock ‘n roll to help save animals.

Pet Behavior Books May Save Lives, "Good Cat!" "Good Dog!"

If you have an ebook reader – and if you have a dog and/or a cat, continue reading…. The number one cause of death in dogs and cats isn’t cancer, or heart disease….it’s poor behavior. When the pet isn’t acting up to our expectations, the human animal bond may crash overnight, or disintegrate over time.…

Pets On the Titanic, Some Survived

Just when you thought you’ve heard it all about the 100th anniversary of the sinking of the Titanic, I found something that I dare say you never before heard about – pets on the Titanic. That’s right, HEAR Joseph Edgette, professor emeritus at Widener University and Titanic expert, who says there were pets on the…

Man Who's Dog Is Responsible for Killing the Pomeranian is Discovered

Thank you for reading and sharing my blog, and several tips – one finally helped to identify the man who’s dog allegedly attacked and killed a Pomeranian on St. Patrick’s Day at Montrose Dog Beach (Mondog).  Of course, I passed each of those tips on the Chicago Police Department. One tip was emailed from Mr.…

Pet Insurance, A Lifesaver

From my national radio show, Steve Dale’s Pet World; listen HERE for Dr. Link Welbourn, who is past president of the American Animal Hospital Association, talking about pet health insurance and why he’s a fan. He says, There’s what we want to do (to help pets), and then there’s what the client can afford. Pet…

On WGN Radio: Chicago Animal Control and Answering Call Questions

Listen to my Saturday morning 10:30 appearance on WGN Radio with Bill Moller HERE. I offer my views about those who are “protesting” the City’s decision to move in a new direction at Chicago Animal Care and Control. I talk about a big adoption event this weekend at Chicago Animal Care and Control and another…

Bill Leff Talks Pets

It’s late night (actually early morning) – so in case you missed my WGN Radio visit with Bill Leff, click HERE to listen. Bill says that I am one of his favorite guests – Well, he’s one of my very favorite hosts, so there! You’ll hear: What I think of a TV channel for pets…

Your Questions Answered: Cat May be Dying; Dog Learns to Go Into Bed; Cracked Paw Pads; Legalize Ferrets

Q: My 16-year-old cat has been vomiting off and on for a week. The veterinarian said it’s because her kidneys are failing. Should I consider putting her down? — J.S., Cyberspace A: “There’s a difference between kidney insufficiency and kidney failure,” notes Dr. Elizabeth Colleran, of Chico, CA. “Kidney insufficiency is very common and occurs…

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