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Articles: Steve Dale

One Tail at Time on WGN Adopt-a-Dog Segment

Adopt-a-Dog segment features this gal, Shelly on WGN Radio, Steve Cochran and Steve Dale, Tuesday, (August 18) 8:40AM.on 720AM or listen (even watch) HERE. Shelly, a Boston Terrier/Chihuahua mix is from  One Tail at Time. She’s about a year to two years ago, and she’s as sweet as can be. If you’ve never met Shelly before,…

Steve Dale's Pet World: National Show on WGN Radio Plus

My national Steve Dale’s Pet World radio show is now heard as a podcast on WGN Radio Plus. Now, that’s a Plus – Feel to check it out weekly…mark your calendars.

Podcasts for Steve Dale WGN Radio Show

Links to the podcats from my recent WGN Radio fill-in gig for David Plier…so many have asked for a podcast so, here you go…. LISTEN HERE (pt. 1) and HERE (pt.2) Ovarian Cancer Symptom Awareness (OCSA) organization. Board member Marcy Twardak, administrator at Corboy & Demetrio, who is a breast cancer survivor and an organizer of their…

More Than the Pet Show This Weekend, WGN Radio

I began doing radio in high school….and long before I was a pet guy, i was a radio guy…Worked at several Chicago area stations playing everything from Olivia Newton-John, to the Bee Gees to Bruce Springsteen to hosting general talk shows. It’s been YEARS since WGN has given me a shout out to have fun…

Killing Lion in Africa or Bobcat in the U.S.: What's the Difference?

Cecil was shot and killed in Zimbabwe. It’s been in this news, that this celebrity lion was shot by a dentist from Minnesota. Cecil was a major tourist draw at Zimbabwe’s Hwange National Park. The 13-year-old lion, recognizable by the black streaks in his mane, suffered a slow death, according to the Zimbabwe Conservation Task Force. The hunters lured…

Hunting Bobcat To be Legal in Illinois

There are only two species that kill for sport…just because they can: Humans and  chimpanzees. While chimpanzees actually craft crude weapons, us humans have become pretty efficient at killing for “sport.” Bobcats will no longer be protected in the state, as IL. Gov. Bruce Rauner just signed a law (HB 352) which will allow for…

Cat Book Author and the Human-Animal Bond, Steve Dale's Pet World

Her cat inspired her – on this edition of Steve Dale’s Pet World from WGN Radio, Kay Clark joins in – Listen HERE to author Kay Clark “Sebastian & Me: A Right of Passage and Spiritual Journey.” Also, Dr. Heidi Hulon talks about the other side of the human/animal bond. And fun intestinal parasites (actually…

Day at MonDog Beach

With the dog flu threat lowered significantly, we thought it would be a perfect day to visit MonDog (Montrose dog beach), and with our niece Mallory and her dog Kaylee too! Our first time at the dog beach this season, due to the dog flu and then just too many rainy days. This turned out…

Kristen Lindsey May Get Away without Animal Cruelty Charges

When Texas veterinarian Dr. Kristin Lindsey posted an image on her Facebook page of a cat she boasting shooting with an arrow through this head, the story made international news headlines. Accompanying the image, on April 17, she wrote, “My first bow kill, LOL. The only good feral tomcat is one with an arrow through…

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