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Dr. Shelly Rubin on WGN Radio Talking Emergency Care and Pets

Dr. Shelly Rubin returns to Steve Dale’s Pet World, WGN Radio. Listen HERE as Dr. Rubin talks about all sorts of topics….protecting pets in the heat and when a pet overheats so much that emergency medical care may be needed, arthritic pets and what to do about it; obesity in pets; what can happen if…

Decoding My Dog: Does My Dog Want Another Dog?

Q: I’ve been reading your book “Decoding Your Dog” and loving it! I’m an adult student studying psychology. It’s great to read a book about animals with a psychological approach. My dog, Bailey, is a 13-year-old Maltese. His brother died last year and I’m thinking of getting another dog. In general, Bailey’s not good with…

Pet Stores Sell Dogs Mass Produced, Putting An End to the Practice in Cook County

Cook County Commissioner John Fritchey (12th district) was on Steve Dale’s Pet World on WGN Radio,  Listen HERE. I explain the background of how the Puppy Mill Project has been devoted to pet stores not selling animals from commercial facilities, and how the city and then Cook County said no more dogs, cats or rabbits to be…

Public Officials Table Illinois Animal Welfare Bill To Write Something Better

Illinois SB0648,  sponsored by public officials State Senator Andy Manar  (48th district) and House sponsor Wayne Rosenthal (95th District) wouldn’t have benefited animals, despite both public officials’ hearts being in the right place. Following several blog posts (by colleagues’s Kathy Mordini of Raining Cats & Dogs andDancing Dog Blogger Mary Haight) and a public outcry, I met by phone privately with Rosenthal, who…

Pet Health Crisis

A coalition of organized veterinary medicine and pet industry representatives formed Partners for Healthy Pets in 2011 to increase the health of pets by simply encouraging regular checkups. According to this consumer advertising campaign, preventive care is as important to your pet’s well being as your love.Formation of the coalition came in response to a…

Thunderstorm Anxiety in Dogs, HouseSmarts-TV

Thunderstorm anxiety is a common problem in dogs….It’s ironic that the night this aired on HouseSmarts with Lou Manfredini , at least in Chicago, there was a thunderstorm. I offer a pawful of solutions, including Adaptil, and products like the ThunderShirt, even distracting the dog with lovely music and food dispensing toys. There’s much more found…

Bark in the Park, Officially Begins Summer in Chicago

Bark in the Park benefits the Anti Cruelty Society; you and your dog can officially celebrate the ‘right of summer ‘season on Saturday May 3 at 9 a.m. at Montrose Harbor in Lincoln Park with thousands of dogs.  It’s a great way to help celebrate the 20th Bark in the Park – 20 years of supporting Chicago’s…

BlogPaws Live 2014

BlogPaws Conference 2014 is coming up, and I am excited and honored to again speak at this conference, which May 8 to 10 in Lake Las Vegas, NV. I’ll be talking about how to protect our pets (and to some degree ourselves) from ectoparasites (like ticks and fleas) and also how to keep mosquitoes off…

Declaw the Cat or Not?

Q: I want to have my 6-year-old male cat declawed. I’ve purchased scratching posts, but he ignores them. What else can I do? — D.P., via cyberspace A: Keep in mind that all cats need to scratch; even declawed cats go through the motions. Of course, without claws, they can no longer harm furniture. However,…

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