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Articles: Steve Dale

February 9 2015

Dancing Dogs on WGN Radio

World Canine Freestyle Organization  president Anna Schloff is the guest on Steve Dale’s Pet World; listen HERE.  It’s a sport where people dance with their dogs, judged similarly to ice-dancing. We talk about how the Ginger Rogers of the dog world began the sport.  And how this sport is – aside from fun – beneficial to…

January 30 2015

Steve Dale's Pet World: Ten Years of National Radio

Ten years of hosting nationally syndicated Steve Dale’s Pet World means that by speaking with four to five phone callers each week, I’ve talked with and hopefully helped well over 2,000 pet owners. What’s most important are the dozens of email, and return calls from listeners saying that the advice I’ve offered has helped their…

January 28 2015

SPCA Puerto Vallarta, A Spa or a Shelter?

“The street dogs and cats in Mexico are the lucky ones; at least they can find food in the trash, and maybe beg from tourists,” says Janice Chatterton, founder/president of the SPCA Puerto Vallarta. “I wanted to find a way to help dogs kept tied up on rooftops where I’ve seen the ropes cut into…

January 27 2015

Homeless Dog Needs a Home: Help Us To Find One

The Bryan & Amanda Bickell Foundation is all about getting pit bull-type dogs adopted. That’s what they do -and there’s certainly there’s a need! Monthly, Steve Cochran of  WGN Radio is kind enough to allow me on his show to offer shelters exposure, and to adopt dogs in need of forever homes. Listen HERE as we talk…

January 26 2015

Alderman James Cappleman Understands the Social Value of Pets

Alderman James Cappleman understands the community value simply of people being outside simply walking their dogs. Cappleman is a licensed clinical social worker, so he’s actually researched the issue. Listen HERE on Steve Dale’s Pet World to hear the Alderman tell how one woman wouldn’t die until she could said ‘goodbye’ to her dog. And interestingly…

January 24 2015

James Cappleman: Alderman with a Heart, and Pet Love

Alderman (46th ward) James Cappleman is on Steve Dale’s Pet World, WGN Radio,  Sunday January 26, 6:30 AM CDT. Listen HERE or 720AM I am about to prove what was thought to be impossible – some public officials have great heart. Cappleman comes from a family of compassion, so perhaps it’s no surprise. He’ll tell…

January 10 2015

Cat Behavior Is the Focus: Steve Dale's Pet World

Cats, cats and more cats on Steve Dale’s Pet World on WGN Radio, kicking off with a conversation a with with John Bradshaw, author of “Cat Sense,” and then Jackson Galaxy, from Animal Planet’s ‘My Cat from Hell.’  Listen HERE. Bradshaw says that cats do have this sort of second-class pet citizen perception.  And he…

December 21 2014

Steve Dale's Pet World on No Dogs Allowed at Maggie Daley Park

Steve Dale’s Pet World on WGN Radio, celebrating the howlidays with the barking dogs singing ‘We Wish You a Merry Christmas.’ I tell Mr. Schwaney and everyone a story about very devoted dog. Listen HERE. I offer a dramatic reading of my howliday classic “A Pet’s Night Before Christmas” I also talk with several listeners about…

December 21 2014

Name Your Merrick Pet Food Can

Before talking pets, we talk about how it is the Jane Byrne Interchange not the Chicago fire and things burned Interchange, as some tourists – who wouldn’t know about the former Mayor believe the Interchange was named for the city burning down. You can name a can of pet food….as Peter Brace of Merrick Pet…

December 13 2014

How Do Dogs Think?

Q: I’ve read your column for many years, and I’m wondering if you’ve written anything else, say a book, that might help me understand how my three dogs think? If so, where can I buy it? — P.F., Winchester, KY A: For starters, you’ve given me a reason to promote my two current books, both…

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