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Articles: Steve Dale

April 15 2014

Piloerections in Pets Described with Bill and Wendy Snyder

Bill Leff and Wendy Snyder have been kind enough to have me on their shows for many years, even pre-dating WGN Radio. For whatever reason, this appearance ranks among the most popular as far as listener response. You be the judge. I talk about the game show for cats which I appeared with Jackson Galaxy…

April 12 2014

Dogs with Old Man Faces

Tom Cohen, author of “Dogs with Old Man Faces: Portraits of Croctchety Canines” talks about dogs with mugs weathered by experience and wisdom. Listen HERE on Steve Dale’s Pet World, as Tom talks about dogs with their ‘AARF Cards.’ Tom says aside from amazing photography, he wanted to raise awareness about senior dogs, many available for…

April 10 2014

Puppy Mills Sales Targeted in Cook County

Puppy mills are awful places. We’re a country which stands for humane treatment of animals….But if you landed here from outer space and fell on a puppy mill, you’d certainly have another impression all together. For decades the U.S. Department of Agriculture for various reasons hasn’t been able to significantly reduce the number of puppy…

April 8 2014

Decoding Your Dog: Preventing & Solving Dog Behavior Problems

“Decoding Your Dog” solving dog behavior problems is the topic of this conversation with Anthony Ponce at Ch. 5. “Decoding Your Dog” is authored by members of the American-College-Veterinary-Behaviorists,  Dr. Debra Horwitz, Dr. John Ciribassi, and myself are the co-editors. We discuss the  the importance early socialization. Ponce (an excellent interviewer) inquires about shelters dogs, a question I…

April 2 2014

Feral Cats Unfairly Maligned

Dogs are man’s best friends, but cats have a target on their backs. The latest to take aim was Richard Conniff in a New York Times op-ed piece March 21 headlined, “The Evil of the Outdoor Cat.” He takes aim at feral cats, in particular. So, now cats are evil. Sounds like the Middle Ages, when…

March 30 2014

Pet Behavior Questions Answered on Steve Dale's Pet World

Steve Dale’s Pet World  LIsten HERE featuring listeners – the star of the show I took phone calls and a text….answering questions about land mines from dogs (dog poop); a cat doing number two outside the box; a cat that sheds too much, and the dog doesn’t like the boyfriend. I talk some about feral cats,…

February 10 2014

Boycott Watching Olympics: From Killing Dogs to Human Rights

It was the rounding up of stray dogs, an attempted extermination, which led me say in a blog post what has apparently been quoted around the world. “If you do watch the Olympics cuddled up on the sofa with your four-legged best friend, think of the dogs (or cats) outside that Olympic venue or down…

February 9 2014

Chicago Dog Show on WGN Radio, and Why I'm Not Happy About the Olympics

Chicago dog show…I call it the greatest (dog) show on earth, the International Kennel Club of Chicago Dog Show. Susan Olsen queen of the dog show and I chat about how the Chicago dog show is innovative and different, listen here from Steve Dale’s Pet World, WGN Radio. For starters it’s one of the only…

January 24 2014

North American Veterinary Conference

Here are some of my 2014 North American Veterinary Conference highlights from Orlando.  

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