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Articles: Steve Dale

Lets See What Your Pets Wear for the Holidays Photo Contest

Dogs playing Santa. Cats wearing reindeer antlers. Pets finely dressed for the holidays. What can be more festive? Welcome to the first annual Steve Dale’s Pet World “Let’s See What Your Pets Wear For The Howlidays” photo contest! Here’s how it works: Pick out the best photo of your pet adorned or fully dressed in…

Pet Behavior Questions Answered with Bill Moller of WGN

Pet Talk with Bill Moller of WGN Radio. Spike O’Dell’s dog, Stoney, was posted on Bill’s pet page.  You can send in photos of your pets too  – Bill and I want to see them, email photos to [email protected] I talk about some great  new pet products for the howlidays, for your own pets, or…

Bill Moller/Steve Dale's Pet Photo Page: The Cutest Critters Ever

How cute, how darling, how scrumptious is your pet? Bill Moller of WGN Radio and myself want to see. So Bill set up a WGN Listener Pet Photo Page. I appear most  Saturday mornings at 10:30 AM on 720 WGN Radio with Bill, answering your pet behavior questions. Bill decided that it’s about time we…

Daffy Dog Tricks

Readers of my newspaper column wrote me about these dog tricks; hope these folks contact David Letterman: 1) A dog named Sampson, who when asked to “Do Sinatra,” croons – “whaoo-whaoo.”  The owner of the dog say the giddy response proves women still swoon, even with a canine Sinatra. 2) When a Collie named Lassie…

Reader Questions: Elderly Cat with Accidents; Arsenic Laced Brown Rice in Pet's Food; Retained Puppy Teeth; Coughing Cat

Q: I adopted a cat from the streets 19 years ago; she was about a year old at the time. She used the litter box for years, but recently stopped. I haven’t changed the brand of litter. At the moment, she uses newspapers placed next to the box. What’s going on? — T.M., Caracas, Venezuela…

Highlights of Tree House Humane's Most Successful Black Cat Ball Ever

The Black Cat Ball to benefit the Tree House Humane Society was October 18 at Nacional 27. This was the most successful Black Cat Ball, ever! The room filled with fun, food and margarita! Catnip helped too. Special speaker was Jackson Galaxy, Galaxy, host of “My Cat From Hell” on Animal Planet and author of  “Cat Daddy: What the World’s…

Debbie Jacobs, Living with & Training A Fearful Dog

Dogs who are agressive are actually most afraid. From Steve Dale’s Pet World, listen HERE to my conversation with certified dog behavior consultant Debbie Jacobs, author of “A Guide to Living with & Training  A Fearful Dog.” Her secret to dealing with fearful dogs has a lot to do with broccoli. Only she can explain –…

Reader Questions: Dog Attacks Mail; Shih Tzus Should be Called Shit (eating) Tzus?

Q: I have the happiest and most pleasant dog on the planet — except when the mail carrier drops mail into our slot. Sadie growls and attacks the mail, then barks and growls until the carrier walks away. If I’m not home, mail is sometimes ripped apart. Try explaining to the gas company, “my dog…

A Howl of a Good Time, Judging a Costume Contest for Dogs

A Howl of a Good Time is an annual pet costume contest sponsored by Barker & Meowsky: A Paw Firm. Miss Meowsky herself awarded the first, second and third place prize. And what a prestigious group of judges which I was honored to be a part of: Aldermen Michele Smith and Scott Waguespack, and the bagel…

Bill Leff WGN Podcast: Obama and Service Dogs; Pets on Halloween; Fixing Werewolves and More

I talk about a wide variety of topics with Bill Leff of WGN Radio. LISTEN HERE Bill Leff  was a problem for me….I couldn’t stop laughing….Always enjoy appearing on Bill’s show – but my stomach hurt by the time this guest shot was over. I seriously did speak about the VA’s sudden suspension of support of service…

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