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Articles: Steve Dale

Blog Paws 2012

Who knew? A conference of pet bloggers, called Blog Paws 2012, held in Salt Lake City, June 21 to 23. Hundreds of pet bloggers and many others in the pet industry attended. The pet friendly Conference included an educational program, and entertainment. This year’s key note talks were from Betsy Saul, co-founder of telling…

Summer Safety and Pets from American Animal Hospital Association

Summer has arrived! Listen Here for tips from my national radio show, Steve Dale’s Pet World, from Dr. Mike Cavanaugh, executive director and CEO of the American Animal Hospital Association. And Dr. Cavanaugh says his dog Zoe always doesn’t go with the family when it’s really hot out. If you must run with your dog,…

Dog Whisperer is Silenced

I received several thank you notes, thanking me for Cesar Millan’s apparent cancellation from National Geographic’s WILD.And I will no doubt receive hate mail too. Thing is – this isn’t about me…. Nearly from the time The Dog Whisperer premiered (in 2004) on the National Geographic Channel, I have been critical (concerned is a better…

Steve Dale's Pet World, Dogs Teach Us To Succeed in Business

“From Wags to Riches: How Dogs Teach Us to Succeed in Business and Life” is Bob Vetere’s book. Read it and you will be a successful CEO guaranteed, or your money back (well maybe not quite that far). Click to.Hear Bob Vetere on Steve Dale’s Pet World talk about how taking lessons from canines has…

Reader Questions/Answers: Beer Drinking Dog; Chewing Dog; Cats Friendly or Not, Cat Pees in Sink

Q: Our dog, Molson, likes beer, especially the foam. I don’t see a thing wrong with that. He’ll sit in my lap and share a cold one. My wife thinks I’m sick. What do you think? — S.H., Cyberspace A: As a guy, I’m in your camp. We share beers with our best buddies, at…

Memorial Day at Camp Dogwood

I love Camp Dogwood, and am honored to speak there – there are a wide variety of activities (different strokes for different canines), everything from obedience instruction to participating (and getting tips from experts) on Frisbee disc, lure coursing and agility….there are even crafty things to do, beach games and conversations with a myriad of…

Cat Scratch Bieber

Do cats not like Justin Bieber? In my ebook Good Cat! I answer many behavior questions….lots having to do with litter boxes or scratching in all the wrong places – kind of what you might expect. But there are several rather unexpected questions, including this one – and corresponding answer. Q: Whenever certain people are…

Rockin' Good Time for Rescue for Trio Animal Foundation

The Trio Animal Foundation Rockin’ for Rescue Benefit was held May 19 at the Double Door. Over 400 people showed up to rock ‘n roll to help save animals.

Pet Behavior Books May Save Lives, "Good Cat!" "Good Dog!"

If you have an ebook reader – and if you have a dog and/or a cat, continue reading…. The number one cause of death in dogs and cats isn’t cancer, or heart disease….it’s poor behavior. When the pet isn’t acting up to our expectations, the human animal bond may crash overnight, or disintegrate over time.…

Pets On the Titanic, Some Survived

Just when you thought you’ve heard it all about the 100th anniversary of the sinking of the Titanic, I found something that I dare say you never before heard about – pets on the Titanic. That’s right, HEAR Joseph Edgette, professor emeritus at Widener University and Titanic expert, who says there were pets on the…

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