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Articles: Steve Dale

WGN Radio Petcast: Hail to the Chief; Animals and the Kids Who Love Them; Cat Calls; A Pet's Night Before Xmas

Listen HERE to this very special Howliday PETCAST (May take a few moments to load). It includes hat valuable soliloquy and dramatic reading of A Pet’s Night Before Christmas. Please have your tissue at the ready, you will tear up or plug up. I can hear it now – the music – “Hail to the…

Wild Wings Benefit to Help Pets

Ann Marie Schrage Glaviano of Pets ‘n Patients and Mary Ann Minnick of All Pets Wellness Foundation have teamed up to help one another, and help people with pets who are in need. These images are from their first of the every Wednesday events in December, Buffalo Wild Wings Grill and Bar, 7301 W. 183rd…

Good Dog Features Videos; You Can See How to Solve Dog Behavior Problems

Well over 100 questions from readers all country from my national Tribune Media Services syndicated column are in my new Ebook “Good Dog!” Many of the nations tops experts in animal behavior join me to answer questions. Some are common questions, ranging from what to do about aggressive dogs to problems house training to those…

Steve the Happy Reindeer

An amazing honor from Miss Mewosky at Barker & Meowsky from the offcial Meowsky newsletter: Feliz Navidog & Cat Steve the Happy Reindeer is a Barker favorite because he’s tough, squeaky and has no stuffing.   He is named in honor of Mr. Steve Dale, the 2011 recipient of Ms. Meowsky’s Pet Citizen of the Year…

Remembring Ricky the Cat's Visit with Steve King and Johnnie Putman on WGN Radio

Maybe 20, maybe 30 times over the years Ive been a guest on WGN  radio with Steve King and Johnnie Putman. Yet, they never interviewed me, they talked with me – it was an easy conversation, like in the backyard over the fence with a neighbor. Of all those appearances, my favorite was with a…

Raising My Furry Children, Tracy Ahrens

I had the honor of writing a guest story for this book, “Raising My Furry Children” by Tracy Ahrens. It’s a fun read, and definitely you will feel the bond that Tracy’s had with her pets…See, you’re not alone. (A portion of the proceeds benefits the American Humane Association, and American Brittany Rescue). Listen to…

WGN Radio Steve Dale Petcast: Wild Benefit at Wild Wings Raising Money for Pets in Need; Miss Meowsky Gift Giving Tips; Sandy Robins Spells C-A-T

A HAPPY HOWLIDAY PETCAST! Click HERE to load (may take a moment or two) Ann Marie Schrage Glaviano of Pets ‘n Patients and Mary Anne Minnick of All Pets Wellness Foundation have teamed up to help one another, and help people with pets who are in need. Pets ‘n Patients is an organization which provides…

Steve Dale's 'Good Dog' and 'Good Cat' Ebooks

Here’s the official announcement: After 17 years of writing a twice weekly pet column for Tribune Media Services; so TMS and I have decided to compile some of the best of my Q & A columns into two Ebooks, “Good Dog” and “Good Cat.” Each book will be available before Christmas – with “Good Dog”…

Real Pet Lovers Don't Purchase Pets at the Pet Store

I am a pet advocate – therefore I generally support pet stores. Of course, they’re great places to purchase toys, treats, food – even winter garments and stylish holiday sweaters. However, pet stores are not such a great place to purchase puppies or kittens.. . arguably the last place you want to get a puppy…

Your Pets on Holiday Cards; Don't Stop the Heartworm or Flea Products, yet; Raising Furry Children

How would like photos of your pets on a holiday greeting card? LISTEN HERE TO THIS WGN RADIO PETCAST It’s a terrific and fun idea, and it’s free! Lisa Cohen of the Holiday Card Center explains. Though there is no fee to upload the photo(s) and you hope your pets are chosen – and if…

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