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Articles: Steve Dale

June 2 2013

Music Matter To Dogs? We Find Out Live on WGN Radio

What kind of music does your dog like? Lisen HERE from Steve Dale’s Pet World on WGN Radio with dog trainer Julie Dorsey-Oskerka and musician Lesley Spencer say the right kind of music can help to relax an anxious dog, and help when it comes to introducing a newly adopted puppy or adult dog into…

May 23 2013

Experts Converge at BlogPaws Answer Questions: Cat Attacks, Marking Dogs, Runny Nose Cat

Tysons Corner, VA. These selected questions were answered by experts attending the 2013 BlogPaws Conference May 16-18 in Tysons Corner, VA. Over 500 pet bloggers and pet writers gathered to learn more about how to educate people about companion animals using social media. I was keynote speaker, and David Frei, of the Westminster and National…

April 30 2013

House Training 101, HouseSmarts TV

House training is typically easy, if you are consistent….still it’s true some dogs are more challenging, but hang in there. Rule #1: Never punish a dog for an accident (likely you should punish yourself, typically it’s human error). Punishment may teach the dog mistrust in you, and won’t teach the dog what you want in…

April 28 2013

Timmy Remembers Lassie

Broadcasting Steve Dale’s Pet World on WGN Radio April 27 – I made history (of sorts), using the radio at the Museum of Broadcast Communications, the first live show radio ever broadcast from the museum. That was immediately following and event I co-moderated with Bruce DuMont,  “Remembering Lassie” with Jon Provost.”  It was a lot of fun, but for…

April 20 2013

Chicago Loves Pits; Remember Lassie; Bark-in-the-Park on Steve Dale's Pet World

Bryan Bickell of Chicago Blackhawks is joined by Amanda Caskenette of Chicago Loves Pits on Steve Dale’s Pet World on WGN Radio, Saturday April 20, 1:05 .p.m. CDT  to talk about their fundraiser. Pints for Pits at Red Ivy (3525 N. Clark Street, near Addison). Pints for Pits is April 27, 7 to 10 p.m. I will…

April 8 2013

Betty White, 'We've Come a Long Way In the Animal World'

Betty White scoffs at the notion of being the most trusted person in America. “That’s so silly,” she says. She laughs when being compared to the late news anchor Walter Cronkite, who once held that same throne for many years. “I’m just an old broad who’s been around the block. People can’t get rid of…

March 30 2013

Dog Training 101; Old Shelter, New Look; Pet Rabbits: Steve Dale's Pet World

Dog training is the topic when we start the show, on Steve Dale’s Pet World, WGN Radio, starting 1 p.m. CDT on March 30, or 720 AM.  Renown dog trainers Wendy DeCarlo-Young and Dennis Damon of the Dog Obedience Group will show me how to “sit.” Perhaps, I will also roll over. Most important,…

March 22 2013

Steve Dale, WGN Debut: Victoria Stilwell; Veterinary Commander & Chief and TNR Controversy

While I’ve been back at WGN Radio (720 AM or listen online) for a couple of years, returning with a regular program is an honor and opportunity, called Steve Dale’s Pet World, airing Saturdays, 1 to 2 CDT. Why are our pets getting sicker? My first guest will be the Commander and Chief ….of veterinary medicine,…

March 21 2013

Steve Dale's Pet Radio Show Returns

I am back on WGN Radio with my own show. Listen here as I made the official announcement with Bill Leff. I never really left WGN, at least not for very long. A few years ago, the station made some changes, that’s no secret. I was one of them….I went to another radio station down the street…

March 4 2013

Pet Owners Talk To Me

Once again, here are some of your comments on recent columns, even comments relating to issues I’ve discussed on my national radio Steve Dale’s Pet World. Thanks for listening, and for writing. I enjoy hearing from you! COMMENT: In love with a cat? In love, really? I’d like to tell that person to marry the…

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