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Articles: Steve Dale

July 18 2012

Wine, Dine and Mine at Anti Cruelty Society

Images from the Anti Cruelty Society Wine, Dine and Mine Party, hosted by Dr. Robyn Barbiers, president of the Anti Cruelty Society with Illinois Comptroller Judy Baar Topinka, who celebrated her celebrated Comptroller’s Critters program. In fact, there was an adoption that night! Donors were also offered a tasting from some of Chicago’s most talented…

July 12 2012

Are They Pets or Babies?

Listen HERE veterinary behaviorist Dr. Debra Horwitz, past president of the American College of Veterinary Behaviorists We discuss whether or not our pets should be deemed our babies, from Steve Dale’s Pet World? Of course, we know pets aren’t really babies – but increasingly owners are calling pets “my babies.” Is this really a bad…

July 11 2012

Help Dogs Reach Heights at Animal Welfare League

So, there I was at the Wabash Avenue location of the Animal Welfare League of Chicago.…I was simply helping out a friend, and visiting. Then I saw this scruffy looking white dog shivering in a corner. I don’t know why – I asked, executive director, Diane Spyrka to let me see her. I sat down.…

July 11 2012

Training 14 Pit Bulls in 14 Days for U.S. Veterans

14 DDV is: 1 Dog Man 14 Dogs 14 Veterans The dog man is dog trainer Toriano Sanzone. The 14 dogs – all Pit Bull-types would likely have been euthanized The 14 veterans say they can use a dog in their lives (some dogs may be service dogs), and have limited finances. No matter –…

July 6 2012

Conversation with Irene Pepperberg, Alex Foundaiton

Irene Pepperberg has learned more about parrot behavior than anyone on the planet…listen HERE to the First Lady of Parrots from Steve Dale’s Pet World. Her most recent paper demonstrated that an African Grey parrot could actually add – Alex knew, for example, that 3 and 2 equals five. Pepperberg would be able to ask…

June 26 2012

WLS-TV Morning News, Hot Weather Safety for Pets

Here I am with Judy Hsu of WLS-TV (ch. 7 in Chicago) talking about all that hot weather headed our way, and safety tips for our pets. (you may need to click ‘read more’ to watch the video),  For example, dogs do die in hot cars and when owners jog in the heat of the…

June 26 2012

Steve Dale Reports on WGN Radio from Blog Paws

Bill Moller says I am the peripatetic Steve Dale. I had no idea I was that. I’m not even certain that’s legal. Listen here on Bill’s show (may take a moment to load), I reported directly from Blog Paws 2012 in Salt Lake City.  I talk about this conference for those who communicate about pets…

June 24 2012

Blog Paws 2012

Who knew? A conference of pet bloggers, called Blog Paws 2012, held in Salt Lake City, June 21 to 23. Hundreds of pet bloggers and many others in the pet industry attended. The pet friendly Conference included an educational program, and entertainment. This year’s key note talks were from Betsy Saul, co-founder of telling…

June 18 2012

Summer Safety and Pets from American Animal Hospital Association

Summer has arrived! Listen Here for tips from my national radio show, Steve Dale’s Pet World, from Dr. Mike Cavanaugh, executive director and CEO of the American Animal Hospital Association. And Dr. Cavanaugh says his dog Zoe always doesn’t go with the family when it’s really hot out. If you must run with your dog,…

June 11 2012

Dog Whisperer is Silenced

I received several thank you notes, thanking me for Cesar Millan’s apparent cancellation from National Geographic’s WILD.And I will no doubt receive hate mail too. Thing is – this isn’t about me…. Nearly from the time The Dog Whisperer premiered (in 2004) on the National Geographic Channel, I have been critical (concerned is a better…

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