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Articles: Steve Dale

September 19 2011

WGN Radio Petcast: Two Heroes Rescue Dogs, Judy Baar Topinka's Comptroller's Critters

Listen to this WGN Radio Steve Dale’s Pet World Petcast with two unsung heroes and a hero who sings and dances, that’s our Illinois Comptroller Judy Baar Topinka. LISTEN HERE (may take a few moments to load). Superheroes fly! Peter Tobin and Karen Johnson talk about Pilots and Paws – they fly all over to…

September 9 2011

September 11 Brought Us Together….What Happened?

By Steve Dale What do our pets really know? Of course, I remember exactly what I was doing on Sept. 11, 2001. I happened to be watching the Today Show when the first tower of the World Trade Center was hit. Soon, it became apparent that America was under attack. My wife, Robin, who then…

August 24 2011

WGN Radio Petcast: Foster 2 Home, Pet Adoptions, Dog Saving Network, and Taking Pet's Photos

This Petcast features variety, a new Foster organization to a benefit canine talent show to a new column at to taking photos of your pets to learning more about flea and tick products. Listen HERE to this WGN Radio Steve Dale’s Pet World PETCAST.   (may take a few moments to load) Fosters and rescues…

August 17 2011

WGN Radio Petcast: American Humane Association Celebrates Pet Meets Baby

Pets and children In this very special WGN Radio Petcast, experts on pets, babies and children talk about how to keep that family intact when the little bundle of joy arrives home. Click HERE to listen to this WGN Radio Petcast. (wait a moment for the petcast to load) The American Humane Association is the…

August 11 2011

WGN Radio Petcast: Dolphin Trainers Go To the Dogs

Listen HERE to this WGN Radio Petcast...the theme: Dolphin trainers (and those who train other animals) who become dog trainers.  (note; the podcast may take a moment to load) Kathy Sdao is certified as an instructor by the Karen Pryor Academy, and an associate certified animal behaviorist. These days, she speaks at conferences about dog…

July 30 2011

Hazel: The Story of an Unexpected Dog Adoption

I walked into the Animal Welfare League of Chicago with Jill Cahr of the Trio Animal Foundation, and walked out with….a new friend.

July 27 2011

Dining with Fido: Mrs. Murphy and Sons Irish Bistro

Dining with Fido series (places you can bring your pup and sit outside) continues with Mrs. Murphy and Sons Irish Bistro, 3905 N. Lincoln Avenue (773-248-3905).

July 22 2011

WGN Radio Petcast: Why Our Pets May Die As a Result of Our Buying Habits, Keeping Pets Safe in Hot Weather and Codi's Journey

LISTEN HERE to the WGN Radio Petcast (may take a minute or so to load) I’m really worried about pet owners purchasing flea and tick products over-the-counter or via the Internet without veterinary input. I am certain pets will die as a result, in any case more flea and tick issues for our pets. Dr.…

July 11 2011

WGN Radio Petcast: Chelsea Kane Dances for Shelter Dogs; Dogs on Lake Michigan; Tick and Roundworm Control

Disney TV star Chelsea Kane danced her way into the hearts of millions on “Dancing with the Stars.” Now she’s dancing her way into the hearts of shelter dogs, via Pedigree’s “Every Dog Deserves” promotion. Chelsea talks about her Woman (that’s her dog’s name!), her devotion to animals and what “Dancing” is really like behind-the-scenes.…

July 10 2011

Taking A Cat for a Walk on the Wild Side

Robin and I stopped traffic. Around the corner from our house, we turned to see a tax driver pointing and laughing – though there was a green light he wasn’t moving. The car next to him, the same, all three passengers and the driver laughing Behind both those cars, several more cars, all with passengers…

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