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October 26 2012

Bill Leff WGN Podcast: Obama and Service Dogs; Pets on Halloween; Fixing Werewolves and More

I talk about a wide variety of topics with Bill Leff of WGN Radio. LISTEN HERE Bill Leff  was a problem for me….I couldn’t stop laughing….Always enjoy appearing on Bill’s show – but my stomach hurt by the time this guest shot was over. I seriously did speak about the VA’s sudden suspension of support of service…

October 24 2012

Nailing Cesar Millan With Tough, Truthful, Appropriate Questions – It's About Time

Cesar Millan finally gets his….I was certain I may have been the only TV/radio personality to directly confront Millan on-air. I don’t know UK TV host Alan Titchmarsh, but I most certainly celebrate his direct approach. He’s asked the right questions. It’s the American Humane Association who negotiated at the time with the National Geographic…

October 22 2012

Dogs Still Dying of Chinese Made Jerky Treats, Enough is Enough

Dogs are dying of chicken jerky treats from China. . . and they don’t need to be dying just because they’ve eaten a dog treat.  For at least well over a year, something’s been going with these Chinese made treats. Reportedly upwards of 400 dogs dead, likely twice as many or far more sickened. While…

October 20 2012

R. K. Anderson, No One Stood as Tall in Veterinary Medicine

Few pet owners will recognize the name Dr. R.K. Anderson. Yet, your pet has benefited from his advocacy. A press release from the University of Minnesota College of Veterinary Medicine called Anderson, who passed away October 19 at age 90, a “gentle giant” in the world of veterinary medicine. Though, giant isn’t a large enough…

October 1 2012

WGN Radio Petcast: A Special Salute to Hero Dogs

Listen HERE (may take a moment to load) to this special Petcast is devoted to the heroes among us with four legs, celebrated on the upcoming Hero Dog Awards. The event airs on the Hallmark Channel, following a gala Hollywood event, on November 8 (7 p.m. CDT). President and CEO of the American Humane Association,…

September 28 2012

What A Rush: Communing with Mountain Gorillas

Visiting family is always fun, kind of wild….and these family members are really wild – mountain gorillas. I say family members because after all we do share about 98 percent of our genetic makeup with gorillas. I talk her about the experience of a lifetime, to commune with mountain gorillas – no bars, no cages.…

September 25 2012

Out of Africa with Bill Moller, WGN Radio

Click HERE for my conversation with Bill Moller about our recent face to face with mountain gorillas in Rwanda. The segment with Bill is sponsored by Chicago Veterinary Emergency Services & Special Center, and I talked with Bill about how there are veterinarians who similarly are on call for the mountain gorillas in Rwanda who…

September 25 2012

Gorilla Doctors Help to Save Mountain Gorillas

Rwanda, Africa. Veterinarians have all kinds of jobs, aside from helping pets. Some veterinarians work in agriculture, others in academia, for zoos, or in far-flung places in the field. Few are as deep into the field as the veterinarians of the Mountain Gorilla Veterinary Project who trek high into the Virunga Mountains to study and…

September 22 2012

With Bill Leff on WGN Radio, from the Top of a Rwandan Volcano – About to Meet Golden Monkeys

LISTEN Here to my conversation wilh Bill Leff of WGN Radio from the top of a volcano in Rwanda, Africa (from September 13). We had just completed the first of two tracks to see mountain gorillas in Rwanda, and how one adolescent male was smitten with my wife, Robin. Cell phones might be iffy talking…

September 7 2012

How Sick Pets Might Feel Better About Car Rides, with Safety Tips

More people than ever are traveling with their dogs. But have you asked your dog? Many dogs do get car sick.  With Dr. Natalie Marks, I talk about some strategies to help your dog….and help you….so you don’t need to clean up after a sick dog….and most of all so your dog doesn’t get anxious…

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