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February 13 2018

David Frei: Dog Writers Association Hall of Fame

David Frei was inducted into the Dog Writers Association of America Hall of Fame Saturday, February 10, in New York City. That honor is entirely deserved for the best ambassador dogs have had since 1990. It was in 1990 that David stepped into the role of Westminster Dog Show announcer, which has continued for 27…

October 6 2016

Diabetic Alert Dogs, More Important than World Series

As the Cubs enter the playoffs, Vicki Santo notes Ron considered a cause (and only one cause) more important than baseball, helping kids to survive diabetes. The Ron and Vicki Santo Diabetic Alert Dog Foundation  changes lives, and literally saves lives.Vicki explains how the dogs are trained, and it’s incredible. And see for yourself what a…

August 31 2016

Dogs Do 'Get Us'

In “Love is All You Need: The Revolutionary Bond-Based Approach to Educating Your Dog,” author Jennifer Arnold puts as well as I’ve ever seeing it. She writes, “Dogs are highly attuned social animals and their social genius is at the very core of my philosophy. Because of it, they are far better led through bonding…

March 18 2013

Pets Are Good for Us, Human-Animal Interaction Experts Meeting

The magic solution for good health has four legs and a tail. It turns out that sharing your life with a pet is good for you. “We know that there are positive neurochemical changes that occur by merely walking down the street and seeing a dog,” says Rebecca Johnson, president of the International Association of…

December 20 2012

Pet Greeting Cards, Pet Photography, Holiday Pet Safety: WGN Radio Petcast

Listen HERE to this howliday Steve Dale’s Pet World WGN Radio PETCAST: Radio personality Lise Dominique is a huge animal lover, and walks the walk.  She tells the story of how she fell in love with Big Poppa, a senior citizen dog in need of a home, nearly toothless and then obese pup,  “He was…

December 2 2012

Talking Pets with Bill Moller on WGN Radio

Pet Behavior segment on WGN Radio with Bill Moller – Listen here for this week’s I begin with a special presentation to Bill. It’s a toy for cat or dogs which you drop kibble on. For pets who inhale their food and then it comes right back up (Uck!) or for just leaving something out…

December 1 2012

Walk A Hound, Lose A Pound: Advantages of Dog Walking

The International Association of Humane Animal Interaction Organizations (IAHAIO) president is Rebecca Johnson, director of human/animal interaction University of Missouri. Johnson, also the author of “Walk A Hound Lose a Pound.” Listen HERE – from Steve Dale’s Pet World, as Johnson explains the many benefits of simply walking a dog. – Neighborhood with many people walking dogs…

October 9 2012

WGN Petcast: Getting Wild with Gorillas, Renting with Pets, Service Dogs for PTSD Veterans

Listen HERE (may take a moment to load) to this adventurous WGN Radio Petcast…. Just returned from Africa trekking the Virunga volcanoes in Rwanda to see mountain gorillas. What was that like? Hacking our way through forest, we’d reach the gorillas, and often times as we observed they’d come within inches. In one case, my…

October 8 2012

American Humane Association Hero Dog Awards

Wow! What a Gala event, the American Humane Association Hero Dog Awards, held October 6, 2012 at the classic Beverly Hilton Hotel in Los Angeles (same place the Golden Globes are). The emcee was Kristin Chenoweth, as seven hero dogs (in seven categories) were hailed by the celebrity audience for what they do everyday. One…

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